A La Carte (January 7)

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(Yesterday on the blog: What’s Encouraging You at Your Church?)

Walking Saints Home

“The renewed call to gospel-centered discipleship in the last two decades has been extremely helpful in clarifying the purpose of ministry. It has helped center the church on Jesus and the commission he gave us to advance his kingdom. It has helped us return to our basic ministry to make disciples of all nations. Within this discussion, however, we often forget to emphasize important aspects of pastoral ministry: we miss the calling to walk with men and women to the end of their earthly lives.”

Love and Anger at the Cross?

Last week Wyatt Graham wrote an article stating that the Father was not angry at the Son at the cross. In this response, Nick Batzig kindly disagrees and explains why it matters.

Memory Aids for the Faith

No, this one is not about memorizing Scripture (as important as that is). It’s about Christian worship as a kind of memory aid. “These patterns get into our hearts and help us live by faith from week to week. We remember more of our faith when all our senses are engaged through kneeling, standing, sitting, reciting, and singing. Our faith shapes our identities through our practices.”

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How Have We Prayed Today?

I love it when I find poems that “speak to me.” This one did that. It’s titled, “How Have We Prayed Today?”

Spurgeon’s Humility

Spurgeon had a lot he could have been proud about, but Cody Cunningham shows that he remained humble despite natural talent and constant accolades. “Many pastors have drunk deeply from the poisonous springs of arrogance with far less popularity and influence than that of Spurgeon. Yet, the sense that I get from reading about Spurgeon’s life is not hubris, but a deep-seated humility.”

Marching Endlessly Around a Wall

Do you ever feel like you’re marching endlessly around a wall (like, I suppose, the Israelites must have as they walked around Jericho)? Sheila Dougal has a little reflection on that. “Do you ever feel like you’re living this life of faith, doing what God tells you to do, and it seems like you’re walking in circles? Do you have a person or people in your life that you long to see surrender their hearts to Jesus, but year after year goes by and there’s no response? No change. No desire to come to church with you. No willingness to talk with you about the gospel. They seem perfectly and firmly shut in, keeping your Jesus out.”

Devices That Will Invade Your Life in 2019

Here’s a brief look at the technological toys and themes likely to prove dominant in 2019.

Flashback: Pleasing Grief and Mournful Joy

Before the cross we are all invited to kneel, to trust, to confess, to weep with that pleasing grief and mournful joy, and there to find the freedom of forgiveness.

Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God. —John Calvin