A La Carte (January 7)

There’s a nice little collection of Kindle deals to browse through today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How Is God Present in Our Pain?)

Dads, Your Children Need Both Quality and Quantity Time with You

Randy Alcorn challenges dads to focus on both quality and quantity time with their kids.

The Long Obedience

This is a sweet one from Susan Lafferty.

How Do I Respond to Sexual Dreams?

I’m including this one largely because, of the thousands of submissions to Ask Pastor John, this question is apparently one of the most common. I’m surprised that the question is so common, but there it is.

Should I Practice Silence and Solitude? (Video)

Donald Whitney provides a thorough answer. And he’s just the guy you’d want to hear from on this topic!

Quoting Scripture Contrary to Its Purpose is Devilish

While we sometimes inadvertently quote Scripture in ways contrary to its purpose, we do need to be aware that there is something devilish about misusing God’s Word.

How to Fall . . . Again

Jared Wilson: “If you’re a restored church leader—or simply a church member walking in repentance after a fall—you may have some obvious boundaries in place to keep you from the explicit routes back to your old sins. But there are some ways your new life might make you vulnerable to new sins. The Devil is cunning and is perfectly willing to cut you in the left side while you protect your right. How might this happen? What are some ways you might fall again? Here are four…”

10 Things You Should Know about the Priesthood of Believers

Ed Welch explains the priesthood of believers.

Flashback: When Your Goodness Goes Splat

When we think about our own goodness, we always compare ourselves to others. It’s not that we are good by any objective standard; we are good compared to the parent, the neighbor, the stranger, the criminal. We choose our comparisons carefully. 

The question we must always ask of suffering is this: What could possibly be worth it? Jesus’s flabbergasting claim is that he is. —Rebecca McLaughlin