A La Carte (January 9)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship)

Orphans, Adoption and the African Extended Family

I found this fascinating and instructive: “In my travels and conversations in the Western world I have seen the excitement in a growing number of families about adopting African children. However, what I have often found rather surprising is the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the African extended family system as it relates to Orphans and Adoption. Whereas to the Western mind, an orphan, having lost both father and mother, is destined to either be adopted or spend the rest of his or her childhood days in an orphanage, to an African mind, the child still has many fathers and mothers, and consequently many homes to live in. Please allow me to explain.”

Should Christians Practice Mindfulness?

I’m sure you’ve encountered the mindfulness trend. “What should Christians make of the mindfulness trend? Should we jump on the bandwagon? Should we be suspicious and hold it at arm’s length? Or is there another way?”

Don’t Look Away

“Over and over again as I shared this video with friends, they responded by saying they couldn’t watch the whole thing because they were too disgusted and disturbed. But, I would urge all of us: don’t look away. Watch and listen and show your kids and talk about it with them. Know what they are seeing on YouTube and Netflix. Know which websites they are frequenting. Follow Teen Vogue and see all of the ways that they are encouraging your kids to sin.” That is wisdom for parents.

Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible

Jared Wilson: “Throughout both trailers — which we saw on two different days before two different movies — the audience was audibly laughing. I was cringing. The paint-by-numbers aesthetic of the new wave of Christian movies persists in making the faith appear trite, inauthentic, corny, and — worst of all, as far as the culture goes — uncoolWhy despite all the gains made in technology and budgeting can’t Christians make good movies?”

Refreshed In Chains

“The Bible is far from barren prose on ancient parchment. Instead it ripples with life, it rises and falls with the breath of God, it ebbs and flows as the Spirit wields it with surgical precision.”

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When “Thy Will Be Done” Becomes Self-Protection

Praying for things we desire comes naturally for many people but for me, it’s a struggle. I fear my heart’s quick reaction to such prayers—how it turns my requests into idols. I don’t want to desire the created thing more than the Creator, so I don’t ask. But in not taking my supplications to him, I keep back a part of my heart from him, and therefore, provide fresh soil for the roots of another idol to deepen.”

Romans 12:2 with Tim Challies

I was recently a guest on a new podcast with a neat format and purpose.

Flashback: Big Sins Little Sins

We can, should, and must be grateful for each deliverance, for each person who finds victory over pornography. It is right and good to celebrate with them. But then we must roll up our sleeves together, knowing there are more battles to come in this great and terrible war.

The problem of cultural Christianity is that the culture always predominates over the Christianity. —Albert Mohler