A La Carte (January 9)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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Today’s Kindle deals include a selection of books from Crossway. Among them are some excellent picks by Carl Trueman.

(Yesterday on the blog: Cling to the Cross!)

Before you watch Harry & Meghan

“Harry and Meghan are everywhere. As much as I’m trying to avoid them, the latest revelations are headline news for newspapers and the late-night news on tv. I’ve taken to wearing noise-cancelling headphones everywhere I walk (metaphorically speaking) as I way to block out the latest stories of who did what to whom. And because repeating them here makes me an accessory to gossip I have no intention to repeat the stories here.”

What Grumbling Sounds Like to God

Grumbling is no small sin! “What is in a grumble? The sound, unheard in heaven, is the heart shaking its head, rolling its eyes, cursing under its breath. It is the seemingly harmless exhale of several respectable sins — ingratitude, thanklessness, discontent. It’s a controlled rage, an itchy contempt, the muffled echo of Satan’s dismay. A broken tune. It can be voiced in a sigh or strangle a praise. It is the cough of a sick heart.”

For Norwegians So Loved the Bible, a New Translation Made Many Mad

What an interesting (and perhaps slightly disheartening) article about a new Bible translation for Norway.


You’ve heard of FOMO. This article introduces FOBO. “What is FOBO? It’s the ‘fear of better options.’ The average young person’s inner dialogue seems to have shifted from What if I don’t go and they have fun without me? to What if I commit now and regret it later?”

Who Were the Nations in Nebuchadnezzar’s Prophetic Dream? (Daniel 2)

You know you’ve wondered!

Tell Me About a Time You Deeply Hurt Someone

“We learn to ask certain questions only after experiencing significant pain or dysfunction. A new question was recently clarified for me, one that I will be sure to ask in any future interviews with those who desire to serve overseas. That question is, ‘Tell me about a time you deeply hurt someone, and how you made things right.'”

Flashback: Big Sins Little Sins

We know that while all sin is the same in expressing rebellion against God, some sins show greater evidence of a hardened heart and bring more devastating consequences. In some ways all sin is the same and in some ways each sin is unique.

It is harder to live nobly—than to die heroically. —J.R. Miller