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A La Carte (July 1)

Before I do anything else today I want to express gratitude to Al Mohler for another season of The Briefing. The final episode of this season is right here and is an excellent look at some of Pope Francis’ recent statements about marriage, homosexuality, and the end of the Reformation. The Briefing will return with a new season on August 1.

Also, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! I trust it will be a day of fun, of rest, of relaxation, and of giving thanks to God for the nation he’s given us.

This month’s free book from Logos strikes me as a bit of an odd choice, but you may still want to add it to your library. Far more exciting are their monthly deals which include The Charles Spurgeon Collection and The Biblical Counseling Collection.

Christian Audio’s free book this month is Matt Chandler’s The Mingling of Souls. It is free for the taking.

Ask Jesus into Your Heart

Thomas Kidd looks into the noble and ignoble history of the phrase “ask Jesus into your heart.” I bet you didn’t know it began with the Puritans…

Who Needs Creeds When I’ve Got a Bible?

Michael Bird explains why he needs creeds and why we do too.

2016 PCA General Assembly: Moving Forward Together

The PCA General Assembly met recently and Richard Phillips offers up some measured and encouraging reflections.

How Should Christians Think About Corporate Apologies?

Kevin DeYoung says rightly that it is a busy season for corporate apologies. He offers some thoughts on them.

California’s State Religion

Wow. “In a state ruled by a former Jesuit, perhaps we should not be shocked to find ourselves in the grip of an incipient state religion. Of course, this religion is not actually Christianity, or even anything close to the dogma of Catholicism, but something that increasingly resembles the former Soviet Union, or present-day Iran and Saudi Arabia, than the supposed world center of free, untrammeled expression.”

This Day in 1798. 218 years ago today, Mary Webb was baptized. She had been reluctant to take this public step of faith because of a physical deformity which bound her to a wheelchair. At the age of 21, she would organize the first women’s mission society in the United States. *

Window into Piper’s Writing

In this video you’ll see John Piper tell how, when, and where he does his writing.

Grandparents, We Need You!

I like this one: “Grandparents carry tremendous influence with their grandchildren. Here are three ways I’m praying my kids learn from their grandparents.”

Flashback: You Don’t Really Know Who Your Friends Are Until…

You don’t really know who your friends are until their relationship with you becomes a liability instead of a benefit. Many celebrities, and even Christian celebrities, have learned this lesson the hard way.


Christianity is the key that fits the lock of the universe.

—Nancy Pearcey

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