A La Carte (July 10)

There are a few Kindle deals to look at. Of greater interest for some will be…

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I Did Not Die. I Did Not Go to Heaven.

Slate shares the sad story behind the bestselling book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. The boy now says he didn’t go to heaven and, in fact, has truly come to know the Lord.

3 Errors That Undermine the Imago Dei When Ministering to the Disabled

These points are important as you minister to the disabled (and their families). “Our internal quality control may not catch these three errors that ultimately undermine the truth of the imago Dei in the life of a disabled individual.”

How Are Legalism and Antinomianism Similar? (Video)

Sinclair Ferguson explains how these things aren’t exactly opposite.

Christians Should Desire the Salvation of All People Because God Does

Maybe as Calvinists we are too quick to “defend” our theology when we read about God’s desire for all to come to a knowledge of the truth. “Every Christian should desire that all people repent and come to a knowledge of the truth. And we should do so because God desires the same.”

The Living Hell of Young Girls Enslaved in Bangladesh’s Brothels

This is so difficult to read. Yet we need to know that such horrors exist.

The Gift of Accepting Help

I can identify with this author and have found it’s as important to accept help at some times as it is to offer it at others. “I’m horrible at accepting help. If I’m honest, delegating, relying on others or asking for help sometimes doesn’t even occur to me. From washing dishes to managing stress—even jobs that usually require more than one person—“I’ll just do it myself” is my almost subconscious mantra. I know this isn’t an issue for everyone, but I know there are others in my camp because, like many character deficits, it’s easier to spot in others before myself.”

4 Challenges to Evangelism on the African Continent

Here are some of the challenges in evangelism particular to the African continent. “In an age that offers more connectivity than any other time in history people are finding themselves disconnected from real relationships. In a time when tolerance is paramount, the challenges of sharing the gospel are ever on the rise. No doubt this is merely scratching the surface, but here are four challenges to evangelism that the African continent is currently facing.”

Flashback: The Message That Moved the SBC

WA Criswell’s message, Whether We Live or Die, put the nail in the coffin of liberalism within the SBC and cemented the direction of the convention for many years to come.

Reformed confessional theology was written not to pick a fight but to protect the church in the battles she already faces and to nurture people in the truth. —Joel Beeke