A La Carte (July 11)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Leave and Cleave Like a Strawberry)

At Home Discipleship

This is really good. “Maybe like me, you have a longing for an intentional mentor like I first described—somebody who will commit to weekly meetings, studies, and plans. But it seems that everyone is so busy. The reality is that many of these people are already committed to the first ministries God gave them: a husband, children, aging parents, a job, homeschooling, a ministry at church. It’s tempting to be frustrated with everyone’s busy schedules. But don’t be. Instead, seek to come alongside them and learn from them as they live life.”

You Can Trust God with Your Child’s Salvation

Shannon Popkin: “I realized that I was driven by fear. Fear that they wouldn’t listen. Fear that they might not respond. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to persuade them. And I was also aware of my anger. Anger over the dog distracting them. Anger because I couldn’t get them to be serious. Anger that my plans to share truth were being upturned. My sinful anger and fear were obvious, but I was naively unaware of my underlying problem with control.”

A Prayer For The Father Of A Wandering Son

This nicely complements the previous article. “My prayers will not cease for my boy, but in recent months, I’ve had opportunity to sit with other Fathers—Fathers of wandering sons—and pray with them. This is my prayer for men like me.”

Pastors Are Not Quitting In Droves

You can’t always believe what you hear. “We’ve all heard, and perhaps shared, these “staggering” scary stats about pastors who leave the ministry every month. The truth is sometimes worse than myth, but fortunately not in this case.”

Doing Church with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I appreciated this look at how to serve believers with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Should I Use the Sinner’s Prayer in Evangelism? : The Master’s Seminary Blog

“I think many of us, at some point in our lives, have prayed a prayer similar to this. Maybe some of us have led others in a prayer like this. But can we actually have the confidence to base our eternity on repeating these words after our mom, dad, or youth leader? As leaders or parents, should we be assuring others of their eternal salvation merely because they recite these words?”

How the Bible Calls Dads to Father Their Daughters

Here’s some biblically-based wisdom for dads.

Flashback: Are You Living Worthy of the Gospel?

How can we actually live in a way that is worthy of the gospel of Christ? Is that even a possibility?

If on the whole you can’t trust your pastors with your money, why on earth are you trusting them with your soul? —Jamie Dunlop