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A La Carte (July 16)


I don’t have anything to share by way of Kindle deals today, partly because I didn’t spot much and partly because I spent all night over the Atlantic on my way to Scotland (hello, Edinburgh!). I’ll hope for better things tomorrow.

I’m posting early today and haven’t yet been able to see what Amazon is offering for their Prime Day deals but I’m hoping Kindle books and devices will be on the list (which you can access right here).

(Yesterday on the blog: Public Schooling, Revoice and Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Having Faith in Doubt: A Response to Steven Furtick

“Doubt is not a virtue. Doubt is not part of faith. I was reminded of these truths when I read excerpts of a sermon given by Steven Furtick.” Owen Strachan does a good job here.

The Rise and Fall of the Family-Vacation Road Trip

“The interstate-highway system was materializing from coast to coast at the same time automobiles were becoming a fixture parked in front of family homes; add a generation of dads who’d returned home from war bitten by the travel bug and a new, still-unreliable, prohibitively expensive air-travel industry, and you suddenly had a country full of families packing up their station wagons to go on vacation.”

I Tracked my iPhone Usage For a Week and This is What I Learned

This is worth a read: “With all the talk of smartphone addiction, I was curious to find out just how often I actually use my phone and why, so I took Apple’s new Screen Time phone-tracking tools for a spin, installing the latest iOS 12 beta. What I discovered is that I pick up my phone every seven minutes during the day – far more than I imagined, and not just at the prompt of a notification.”

Faithfully Handling Failure

“Have you ever been there? Have you ever wrestled with how to manage guilt and grace in the wake of failure? You know God offers forgiveness, but isn’t what I just did terrible? It feels cheap to claim forgiveness and move on. And yet we don’t want to lose sight of the gospel. How does it all mix together?” We all fail so we all need help to fail well!

How Romantic Comedies are (Still) Destroying the World

“We often decry physically violent movies as destructive and desensitizing – and yes, I freely admit the danger here – especially for young viewers. But we seldom decry media which we might call socially violent, especially if it comes to us relatively innocuously. Some films are ‘clean’ according to typical ratings standards, but they feature carnage of another sort. The casualties in these films are society-sustaining social structures, and the children whom the films prop up as enlightened social commentators, showing us all the moral way forward.”

God’s Character in Dying: Even Better Than A Miracle

This is moving. “When my world began falling apart, I kneeled, wept, and begged for a miracle instinctively. It seemed like the normal thing to do: turning to the only One I knew who could change the course of our events.”

Our Homes Don’t Need Formal Spaces

I have noticed this interesting shift: “Nobody is actually using their formal living and dining rooms. Families actually spend most of their time in the kitchen and the informal living room or den. Yet we continue to build these wastes of space because many Americans still want that extra square footage, and for a long time, that want has been miscategorized as a need.”

Flashback: Writing Great Books for Kids (And Reading Great Books To Kids)

Parents love to buy their children good books. Christian parents love to buy their children good Christian books. Thankfully, we are well-served with excellent titles geared to children.

If Jesus isn’t sufficient for me when I’m single, he won’t be sufficient for me when I’m married.

—Bethany Jenkins

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