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A La Carte (July 17)


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The Kingdom Only Triumphs Through The Unnoticed Faithfulness Of The Many

We need reminders like this one. “Most of the acts that lead to the spread of the gospel, that will result in the gathering of a great multitude from every tribe and nation in eternity, will be unnoticed and unremarked in this life. However, they will not be hidden forever.”

Woke America Is a Russian Novel

This is a fascinating column which says that “the metaphysical gap between mid-19th-century Russia and early-21st-century America is narrowing.”

Our Marcusan Moment

On a somewhat similar note, here’s Carl Trueman: “Today’s attacks on freedom of speech are remarkable for several reasons: they seem to represent more of a problem on the left than on the right; the cancellations apply not simply to the ideas to which the emerging cultural establishment objects but to any individual who dares to espouse them; and their power and scope is potentially terrifying.”

The End of Illusions

And sticking with the general theme, Marvin Olasky reflects on what is becoming increasingly obvious about the mainstream media. “On Friday we’ll see what Andrew Sullivan’s farewell address looks like. This week should go down in journalism history as a week that finally dispelled illusions concerning Goliath Media and its increasing hostility to journalistic Davids. Whether our predominant loyalty is to conservatism or (much better) to Christ, we need to emphasize growing our own publications and competing organizationally, not just trying to place a few people in hostile territory.”

No Worship Services Until 2021?

Christianity Today is reporting on Andy Stanley’s decision not to return to public worship services until 2021. And his church is not the only one to make that decision.

Will Membership Make a Difference? The Vital Joys of Joining a Church

“We commit to formal church membership to experience God’s goodness in providing vital joy. By vital I mean necessary for Christian obedience and therefore a thriving spiritual life. By joy I mean savoring the worth of God in the experience of mutual church accountability. Let’s consider the vital joys of oversight, protection, discipling, and displaying.”

Engaging Our Emotions, Engaging With God

“Emotions are tricky. Everyone has them. Everyone struggles with them. Many struggle with how they feel more than anything else in their lives. Then there is the sea of other people’s emotions in which all of us swim. I suspect most of us consider emotions to be more of a liability than an asset.”

Flashback: Behavior Both Odd and Ugly

I am a sinner. And as a sinner I exhibit all kinds of behaviors both odd and ugly. The more I come to know myself, the more I see the ways in which I am a product of my sin, in which I view the world through the lens of my sin.

Some Christian people today who would never curse, steal, miss a prayer meeting, or think of getting drunk, respond with unrestrained anger toward those who disagree with them.

—Alexander Strauch

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