A La Carte (July 19)

I’ve made it as far as Germany, and by the end of the day hope to be back in my own home. Keep an eye out for what I hope will be some encouraging video from Mozambique!

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5 Resolutions for Pastoral Ministry

These are some solid resolutions. “As I embark upon the calling to which God has given me, I am, therefore, personally proposing and publicly proclaiming the following resolutions, which, under the grace and faithfulness of God, I hope to maintain and execute for the sake of his name.”

Ten Thoughts about the “Billy Graham Rule”

The “Billy Graham rule” is once again in the news. Denny Burk shares some thoughts on it.

A Story of Song

I rather enjoyed this article about a song.

From Bare-Knuckle Fighter To Sunday School Teacher

It does the soul good to read testimonies of God’s grace. “All the boys across the valleys knew me, and many would travel from far and wide to come to our local pub and challenge me in a bare-knuckle fight. I would never back down. I would fight anyone. Even if I lost, it did not bother me; I loved the thrill of the fight. The pain and the injuries made me feel alive.”

Pride Disqualifies a Pastor

It does, indeed! “Few things poison the church, and sully her reputation in the world, like arrogant pastors. Manifest arrogance in politicians, lamentable as it is, we might expect. But arrogance in the pulpit — this is a great blight on the church and in the community where she is to shine her light.”

Did Jesus Preach the Gospel to People in Hell During the Two Days He Was Dead?

Michael Horton answers. “Does the Bible tell us where Jesus went for the three days between his crucifixion and resurrection? Down through the ages, some Christians have taught that during these two days between Good Friday and Easter morning Jesus went to Hades and preached the gospel to people there. “

5 Myths about End-of-Life Care

It seems wise to me to educate yourself on end-of-life care before the time comes that you’ve got to make difficult decisions.

Flashback: For the Pastor Knee-Deep in Immorality

Sin has a way of being found out. We can hide it for a while, but eventually, inevitably, it is made public…Sin is content to dwell in the darkness for a while, but its end goal is to be known so it can bring reproach upon the gospel.

Instead of a river, God often gives us a brook, which may be running today and dried up tomorrow. Why? To teach us not to rest in our blessings, but in the blesser Himself. —Arthur Pink