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A La Carte (July 2)

A La Carte Collection cover image

Logos users, I’ve got a special offer you can take advantage of. Click this link and use discount code SUMMERSAVINGS to get up to 15% off your purchase. Also this month, Best Commentary collections are on sale along with resources by Eerdmans (which include many great commentaries).

I added so many new Kindle deals yesterday and have added some more today. They include books by Elisabeth Elliot, Al Mohler, and others.

Growing Older With Wisdom, Not Bitterness

“It may be that I’ll be granted a few more decades in this life, and die in a ‘good old age, full of years.’ Or it may be that my life may be cut short sooner than that. God only knows, and it gives me comfort to know that God has always known my whole story and that he holds it in his hands.”

The Bestselling Reference Bible That Remade American Evangelicalism

This is a fascinating “biography” of the bestselling reference Bible that completely remade American Evangelicalism.

Pass Me Not (Video)

This is a really nice rendition/adaptation of an old hymn by The Soil and The Seed Project.

Rise, My Soul, The Lord Is Risen (Video)

Speaking of hymns, last week I linked to a new one from the Gettys. If you’re like me, you may have found the melody a bit complicated to pick up. This version from The Village Chapel makes it simpler (and also removes the chorus).

The Calling of Motherhood for the Worrisome Mother

“In the days of pregnancy and early weeks of motherhood, my heart struggled to reconcile two ideas—my love for my child and the call to entrust him to God. I would look at my fragile infant wiggling on a quilt on the floor and wonder how Almighty God who orchestrates the blinking of every star and spinning of each planet could possibly take note of us. If only I had control over his tiny life—then I would never need to worry again.”

Beware the Emotional Prosperity Gospel

You’ve probably become familiar with the prosperity gospel and its claims about material wealth. And presumably you reject that false gospel. Yet Kyle Johnston whether you are prone to believe in a different kind of prosperity gospel.

Doomed to Final Frustration

Doug Eaton: “To borrow a phrase from C.S. Lewis, every worldly pleasure you are pursuing is ‘doomed to final frustration.’ These include sinful pleasures and lawful ones. One day, they will either fail to live up to your expectations, or death will come knocking on your door and steal them from your hands.”

Flashback: When Failure Saves and Success Destroys

Failure has a way of bringing us to the end of ourselves, of causing us to rely even more on the Lord. Success has a way of increasing our confidence in ourselves, of causing us to rely even less on the Lord. Sometimes failure saves us where success would destroy us.

High degrees of Christian assurance are simply not compatible with low levels of obedience.

—Sinclair Ferguson

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (July 2)

    A La Carte: Growing older with wisdom, not bitterness / The bestselling reference Bible / Two new songs / The calling of motherhood for the worrisome mother / Beware the emotional prosperity gospel / Doomed to final frustration / Logos and Kindle sales / and more.

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    Beware of Idleness

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    This Free Stuff Fridays post is sponsored by the Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA), whose mission is to glorify God through the publication and distribution of Reformed literature. They are giving away 10 copies of Journey Through the Psalms: A Thirty-Day Devotional for ages 9-13. Sign up with your email below for a chance to win a free…