A La Carte (July 22)

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Audubon Photography Awards

There are some stunning photographs to marvel at here.

4 Reasons Leaders Need Large Blocks of Time

This makes lots of sense. “Calendars fill up quickly. If leaders don’t manage their calendars then their calendars will manage them. In my view, one of the most important decisions leaders makes is how to plan their work.”

The Unlikely Ways of God

We live in a world where the big, the powerful, the influential and the instant are what matters. And it is easy for that to permeate our psyche, to colour our expectations of what God is doing. For that reason we need to be recalibrated by scripture.”

The One With the Racists…

“You see, I am a friend of racists. Proper, open racists. People who won’t buy stuff because Asian people are selling it. They might look over their shoulder before they say it. But they’ll say it all the same. And I’m a friend of junkies. Of alcoholics. Of people who shout, and swear, and smoke, and fight. Of people who are…well, you know, sinners.”

Pastor Well (Video)

I was recently a guest on Hershael York’s podcast Pastor Well (which was recorded on video). You can watch it here if interested.

Off the Soapbox and into Missions

“I am persuaded that childish bickering about things that don’t matter is a condition common to man regardless of one’s age or culture.” Ain’t that the truth!

Canadian Anglicans to Continue Same-Sex Ceremonies, Even After Failed Vote

This is neither good nor (unfortunately) particularly surprising. “Though the Anglican Church in Canada last week failed to amend its canon to sanction same-sex marriages, in the wake of the narrow vote, dioceses have opted to continue with them anyway.”

Flashback: One Spirit, One Faith, Many Opponents

Paul’s call to the Christian “soldiers” in Philippi, and thus to you and me, is to stand firm in one spirit, to stand boldly for one faith, and to stand courageously against many opponents. As we do that, we will fight and win the great spiritual battle we’ve been called to.

If some men were sentenced to hear their own sermons, it would be a righteous judgement upon them, and they would soon cry out with Cain, “My punishment is greater than I can bear.” —C.H. Spurgeon