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A La Carte (July 23)


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(Yesterday on the blog: One Spirit, One Faith, Many Opponents)

Technology such as IVF invariably solves some issues while introducing others. Here’s an example. “A new Arizona law requires courts to give embryos created by IVF to the spouse who plans to use them to have a baby when a couple decides to have a divorce.”

How the West Became a Self-Obsessed Culture

You won’t agree with all this author says, but the larger point of the article (which includes a couple of swear words) is fascinating. “The selfie camera didn’t create this narcissism; it simply gave us a new device to amplify it. Silicon Valley is throwing new ideas and new gadgets at us every day, and most of them fail. Ultimately, it’s the people who decide which ideas work and which don’t. I think technology just shows us who we are; it doesn’t change who we are. I think it encourages us in certain ways, but I don’t see it as the cause of anything significant.”

Proclaiming Christ Where Pilgrims Seek Healing from Mary

What an amazing and amazingly difficult place to found a new church. “In my town Mary takes Jesus’ place on the cross. People come from far and wide to bring honor to her, to ask her for healing, to pray to her. This is all the locals of this rural town in the mountains know: not Jesus, just millions of Catholic pilgrims from the whole world with their Mary statues, rosaries, and holy water. What should church look like for people who have been completely desensitized to the Gospel?”

The Most Difficult Languages To Learn For English Speakers

Seminary students may feel vindicated as they look at this list of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn.

When Your Christian Liberty Becomes a Sin

This is so important for the unity of the church. “Freedom, according to Paul, is not an end in itself. Rather, the building up of those around us is the true goal of human existence. The love of God and others must be at the center of wisdom and liberty to pass Paul’s test. Love affects everything. Love directs our whole existence. The question, then, is towards whom is our love directed.”

Driving One of the World’s Largest Vehicles

“When Nasa’s giant SLS rocket carries out its first mission, it will be brought to the launchpad by one of the largest vehicles ever built. And driving it requires massive concentration.” Amazingly, they are using the same vehicle they’ve been using for decades (and plan to use for decades more).

The Hard Apprenticeship of Sorrow

“I have never required hospitalization for depression or received a diagnosis. But most days I walk about with what I refer to as my dark or stubborn shadow. He sits on my shoulder and whispers destructive and damaging things in my ear. That is a typical day. And then there are the days when that little shadow gets especially wicked and I feel as though I am dragging behind me a rotting corpse.”

Flashback: Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits

I have been blogging for 12 years now. For at least 11 of those years, people have been predicting the end of the blog. The reasons have changed, but the predictions have been consistent: It is only a matter of time before the blogosphere collapses.

A large part of our problem as evangelical believers is that we have defined sin in its more obvious forms—forms of which we are not guilty.

— Jerry Bridges

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