A La Carte (July 23)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Where Did Family Come From?)

Why You Should Have That Difficult Conversation

I agree with Jared. Sometimes you just need to have that difficult conversation. “It’s impossible to get through mature adult life without navigating personal oversights and offenses. No normal person enjoys conflict, and every normal person wishes they could avoid it. And many of us do our best to do so. But mature Christians in particular don’t have an option, biblically speaking, to live honestly and sincerely in the world.”

Confessing Sin Is Always Awkward, Sometimes Costly, and Absolutely Worth It

And here’s the other side of the equation. “Growing up in a traditional Asian American church, I was taught the importance of reputation. I was told to avoid confessing struggles and sins. Because my dad was respected in church ministry, if I shared my sins with others, it would taint my parents’ image. So I struggled with lust, pride, and depression—alone.”

Most Popular Baby Boy Names (Video)

This is a great little video that shows how different boy’s names rose and fell across more than a century.

The Question Abortion Advocates Won’t Answer

Scott Klusendorf: “The abortion issue is not about forcing religious views; it’s not about privacy; it’s not about who hates women and who loves them. It’s about one question: What is the unborn?”

J. I. Packer’s Thoughts on Holiness

Sam Storms summarizes some of J.I. Packer’s thoughts on holiness in this article. “True repentance, then, begins when a Christian is enabled by God’s gracious power to transition out of self-delusion, or what modern psychologists might call denial, into what the Bible describes as heartfelt conviction of sin.”

DNA Is Code: Who Coded It?

You might enjoy this short video.

Probe Launched After Not a Single Girl Among 216 Babies Born in Indian District

This is so horrible. “Authorities are investigating why not one girl was born across dozens of villages in a northern Indian district in the last three months. In a country grappling with a skewed gender ratio, data has revealed that of the 216 newborns in 132 villages across the Uttarkashi district, in Uttarakhand state, none were girls.”

Flashback: Jesus Repulses, Jesus Draws

When we preach Jesus today, we preach for a response. And there is always a response. Jesus repulses and Jesus draws. But an encounter with Jesus never accomplishes nothing.

Contending for the faith and contentiousness are not the same thing. —Hershael York