A La Carte (July 23)

Today’s Kindle deals include one of John Piper’s lesser-known books, along with a few others.

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(Yesterday on the blog: White Fragility and the Bible’s Big Story)

J.I. Packer’s Funeral (Video)

J.I. Packer’s funeral will be held today at 2 PM EST. You can watch the livestream on YouTube.

J.I. Packer: Seven Personal Reflections

George Sinclair offers seven personal reflections on Packer. Like this: “He was a simple Christian who loved to worship with simple Christians. When sitting beside him during a church service or to be in a small group bible study and prayer time with him, you knew that he was there to meet with Jesus. He was not evaluating and criticizing the people leading or the others praying.”

Pursue Integrity Relentlessly

John MacArthur: “Ethical integrity is one of the indispensable attributes of Christlike character. As vital as it is to be sound in doctrine and faithful in teaching the truth of Scripture, it is by no means less crucial for Christians to be upright in heart and consistent in our obedience to the moral and ethical principles of God’s law.”

Lessons from Spurgeon on Controversy

There is lots we can learn from Spurgeon, even the “forgotten” Spurgeon. “What can we learn from this forgotten Spurgeon? This Spurgeon can teach us to handle controversy manfully and without compromising. His convictions, which he held to his dying day, cost him dearly. He did not practice that vice he so clearly preached against…”

Everything Covid 19 Will Be The End Of

This blogger took the time to roundup everything that COVID-19 is going to be the end of (according to the news). You’d almost think it will be the end of everything!

With Kids Spending More Waking Hours on Screens than Ever, Here’s What Parents Need to Worry About

Statistics show that kids have had a 500% increase in screen time since the pandemic began. “What I believe parents need to worry about isn’t how much time kids are spending cradling their devices during our current crisis. It’s whether their children are forming habits that will continue after the pandemic’s over. Those habits could stop today’s youngest Americans from resuming healthier and more creative behaviors like reading or imaginative play.”

Experience, then Ambience

Speaking of which, do you remember the olden days of the internet and how things have changed? “The internet was an experience that was enjoyed, even depended on, yet also contained. But now the internet is no longer an experience. It is an ambience. The internet has few parameters to mediate it. It is instead the default mode on which most of us operate. The idea of “going” online is absurd. We are online. The internet is not so much something we go do as it is something we are.”

Flashback: Jesus Repulses, Jesus Draws

Jesus repulses and Jesus draws. Some people encounter Jesus and find him the most dreadful thing in the world; some people encounter Jesus and find him the most desirable thing in the world. Some beg him to leave and some beg to follow.

Shallow Christianity will not last in the coming generation, and it will not grow. Cultural Christianity is fading. The church in the twenty-first century must go big on truth or go home. —Kevin DeYoung