A La Carte (July 27)

I’ve had a number of people ask about the third and final part of my review of White Fragility. It is coming soon! I had to preach on Sunday, so the sermon was my week’s major focus. But with that behind me, I’ll get back to the review.

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(Yesterday on the blog: We Are Praying For Our Children)

A Eulogy for a Friend, a Lament for our Nation

I think there’s value in reading David French’s lament for his friend—someone whose death you may have read about in the news. “This week a friend of mine died, and people across the country celebrated his death.”

How to Pray When You’re Feeling Anxious or Depressed

David Murray provides counsel on praying through difficulties like anxiety and depression.

A Time for Civil Disobedience? A Response to Grace Community Church’s Elders

You no doubt heard that John MacArthur and Grace Community Church decided to defy governmental orders and meet on Sunday. (See Grace’s statement here.) In this article Jonathan Leeman responds and interacts a little. This is a conversation worth having! (You can also listen to Leeman and Mark Dever discuss it on this episode of their podcast.)

Don’t Just Learn From Church History – Look To The Global Church Too

As we turn to church history to learn how to live and worship during a pandemic, we’d do well to turn not just to history but also to the global church.

COVID-19 Is Disrupting Americans’ Engagement with Scripture

Joe Carter discusses a new study that finds that many Americans have stopped engaging with the Bible through the pandemic. “Most Christians know what they should do—read the Bible. Some know how they should do it, such as engaging in inductive Bible study. But very few seem to know why they need to regularly engage with the Bible.”

The Elusive Trait of Reasonableness

We ought to be known for our reasonableness, right? So what is that tricky trait?

Hearing J.I. Packer Again

Joel Belz: “In the 34 years since we published the first issue of WORLD Magazine, perhaps half a dozen names leap off the pages as truly memorable one-on-one interviews I was privileged to pursue with notable people. And of those half-dozen interviewees, none ranks higher than the British-born theologian J.I. Packer, who died on July 17. Which makes it more embarrassing to tell you of my carelessness with that interview. ”

Flashback: No Platform High Enough

No matter your goal, no matter your god, it will not and cannot bring lasting satisfaction. In this world, God’s world, these kinds of desires were never meant to bring ultimate satisfaction.

Your trial cannot be longer than the lasting power of God’s faithfulness, and mercy, and patience, and power. He will be true to you all through it. His patience will not be exhausted, his power will not come short. You will never be left without God. —P.B. Power