A La Carte (July 28)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Why R.C. Whispered Instead of Shouted)

Peter FitzSimons doesn’t understand the Manly 7

There’s an interesting and increasingly familiar brouhaha in Australia right now over some rugby players—all or most of whom are Pacific Islanders—who, because of their faith, refuse to wear a rainbow uniform. Murray Campbell writes about it here (and Stephen McAlpine here).

Don’t (Always) Be Efficient

“I love it when a plan comes together smoothly. I love it when everyone works together and leans in and gets the job done—quick and clean. I love it when I can move swiftly through my own tasks for the day, ticking off to-do boxes with a satisfied smile. Efficiency is fantastic. Except when it isn’t.”

Will Our Life’s Work Continue in Heaven?

Will what we do, or what we love, continue when we are in heaven? Randy Alcorn thinks so, and I’m inclined to agree.

Heaven is True Love Realized

Meanwhile, Melissa remembers a friend who has just made the journey. “She’s not in a quiet place now. In fact, she instantly moved from that silent room where her body stopped to a place roaring with joy. It’s a place filled with the unearthly sounds of worship, a place where every moment is saturated with singing, with true words about the King of Kings. Holy, holy, holy…”

True or False: You Only Live Once

So too did Sylvia’s brother. “It’s a frivolous saying, ‘you only live once,’ but never does it seem more ridiculous than at a gravesite of someone loved. And of someone who loved Jesus. Life and death are like the flip of a two-edged coin. Truth and fallacy exist on both sides of ‘you only live once.'”

Three Biblical Questions For Fans Of The Chosen (Video)

Todd Friel asks some important questions for fans of The Chosen.

Flashback: What Gives God Pleasure

God’s desire unveils his pleasure: God loves to save the lost. This brings him great joy.

The word that the Sabbath-school teacher will this afternoon whisper in the ear of the class, will be echoed back from everlasting ages of light or darkness. —De Witt Talmage