A La Carte (July 4)

I trust my American friends and family are enjoying their holiday today!

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By way of notification, this will be a “light blogging” week at the blog which means I’ll be posting only my A La Carte article each day.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Christ was the Great Unlike)

Entrusting the Gospel – Not an Optional Extra

“What is the role of a pastor/minister? What is my job description if I am a pastor? I reckon that the way a church member answers this question often diverges enormously from how the pastor would answer it. And let’s not even speculate on how an outsider would answer it.”

What is Heaven? A Place of Learning

“When you enter heaven, how much will you know? Will you have all knowledge as it pertains to your life? Perfect knowledge as it pertains to everything?” I agree with John who says we will spend eternity learning (but without the frustrations that attend learning here and now).

Is The End of the World Good News?

“When Christians think about the end times, it should fill them with hope. Often, though, we only talk about it as darkness and destruction. How can we discuss the last days and the return of Jesus with non-believers without it being just doom and gloom?” This is a good and important question.

Don’t Be Discouraged by Pride Month

“Scripture says that pride comes before a fall (Prov. 16:18). In America, pride comes before July—for an entire month. I don’t know how your June was, but mine was permeated with a steady stream of multi-colored imagery. It’s the time of year when companies, sports teams, and politicians change their branding to incorporate the new religious icon of our time, the rainbow.”

The More Things Change

Darryl reflects on how much changes and how much just stays the same.

3 ways God protects his people

“Does God protect his people? Whenever a tragic event occurs—and they seem to be coming at an ever increasing rate—it’s hard not to wonder if God really cares. But God does care, and he wants us to know it.” Aaron Armstrong dives into a psalm to show this.

Flashback: 5 Ways To Minister To Other Christians This Sunday

In every part of the life we share together as a church, we have the ability to minister the truth of God’s Word to others. Who in your church needs you to minister the word to them this Sunday?

Do not suppose that you must commit great crimes to be lost. The road of spiritual laziness—doing nothing—leads just as certainly to hell. —J.C. Ryle