A La Carte (July 6)

I am taking this week off, so will not be sharing Kindle deals, unless I happen to spot something spectacular. You’ll survive for a week! In the meantime, enjoy these links from around the web…

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Glimpse of a Disciplined Life)

Against Every Accusation

“The devil is not only a liar who seeks to deceive us, a tempter who seeks to ensnare us, and a murderer who seeks to kill us. He is an accuser who seeks to condemn us.”

Why a Single Little Spot Makes Driving Across “America” Impossible (Video)

If you’ve ever thought about driving the complete length of North and South America, you’ve quickly realized it’s not possible. Here’s the reason.

4 Reasons to Preach the Psalms to Ourselves

Juan Sanchez: “I’ve found hope for our troubled times in the psalms of Scripture. Let encourage you in the same way. Here are four reasons to preach the psalms to yourself (and your church) in difficult days.”

Sharp Tongues And Angry Tweets

“Perhaps it’s all the social isolation, the anxiety about the future, or the charged political climate, but I suspect it’s easier to lose our cool these days. Or maybe it’s a perpetual problem made a little bit worse. Every time I go online, I seem to find angry and even disturbing attacks made by people who call themselves Christians against others.” Darryl Dash reflects on sharp tongues, angry tweets, and how Christians behave online.

Relationship, Not Routine

“I frequently pray for the same things each day: I praise God for who he is, I confess the same sins—especially throughout a particular season of life—, I pray for the marriages of couples we are close to, parental struggles, wisdom, and work. I pray for the salvation of family members and friends. Many of the details repeat. My petition for wisdom acknowledges my lack of wisdom, admits my need for wisdom, and pleads God’s promise in James 1:5 to receive wisdom. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to package it up in a convenient function?”

10 Things You Should Know about John Stott

Did you know, for example, that John Stott only ever belonged to one church?

Is the Sabbath Command Still Relevant?

I have a lot of sympathy for those who want to maintain a special place for the sabbath (or the Lord’s Day) in Christian life and worship.

Listen to History’s Greatest Sermons

Here’s a way to listen to some of history’s greatest sermons. “We have sermons going all the way back to the doorstep of the Apostles, with 2 Clement possibly preached within just a few years of John the Apostle’s death, all the way up to the mid-1900’s that were written down. Yet all these sermons, filled with magnificent truth, have been forgotten. They have been left on bookshelves to collect dust, and with them, the stories of the amazing preachers that delivered them.”

Flashback: Joy Is for the Generous

Money may not be able to purchase the greatest and deepest joy, but it can still generate it. The joy is there for the taking. The joy is there for the giving. The joy is for the generous.

To pray rightly, you must make God your hope, stay, and all. Right prayer sees nothing substantial or worth being concerned about except God. —John Bunyan