A La Carte (July 8)

Today’s Kindle deals include some good books from Crossway (plus a couple of others).

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Lord Is My Salvation)

Conservative Protestant Men Are Still Resisting Porn

We don’t get a lot of good news when it comes to pornography, so this was good to read. “Protestant men today who attend church regularly are basically the only men in America still resisting the cultural norm of regularized pornography use.”


The older generation needs to know that for many in the younger generation, the climate change doom and gloom is really impacting their whole worldview as well as their view of the future. There is a religious-like fervor to it.

Three other R’s

I pretty much always enjoy Marvin Olasky’s columns. In this one he shows that “Scottish evangelicals of the 19th century can teach us about revival, reformation, and reunion…”

How One Thai Church Bridges the Gap between Thai Culture and Christianity

What an interesting look at a church that tries to honor its culture even while it follows God. “Bridging the gap of culture and faith is the hinge the church pivots on. Because much of the nation’s culture, holidays, and customs revolve around Buddhism, choosing to follow Jesus is often seen as turning one’s back on their community and country. Chukiat and his church are on mission to show Thais that their faith and culture can be a both/and, not necessarily an either/or.”

The Bishop of Rome (Video)

How did the bishop of Rome become the pope? Robert Godfrey answers briefly.

Seek the Giver, Not the Gift?

Randy Alcorn (whose surname always wants to be autocorrected to “Acorn”: “The idea that we should seek the giver, not the gift, has truth behind it, but it can be misleading.”

5 Dangers of Money

Paul Tripp explains how and why money can be dangerous.

Flashback: Growing Up in a World Like This

“As well as teaching about the rightness of God’s ways, parents will also need to warn their children about the half truths and lies about sex and love that they will hear, and to help their children respond appropriately to challenges from a very difficult cultural environment.”

A weak faith can lay hold on a strong Christ. —Thomas Watson