A La Carte (June 1)

May the Lord be with you and bless you as you begin a new day and a new month.

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(Yesterday on the blog: To Surprise Us At the Last Day)

A Word to Gen Z Graduates

Aaron Menikoff has a message to Gen Z graduates that may encourage and challenge them in useful ways.

What Is Prudence?

“As a protective Father, God calls us to prudence, to think before we act. This may sound simple, but even prudence has its imposters. We may think we are being prudent while we are still playing the fool. How so?” Emily Van Dixhoorn explains.

Let’s Turn Pride Month into Prayer Month

Cindy Matson has a great idea here. She includes prayer prompts for every day of the month.

The Sound Witness of An Ordinary Life

“In Paul’s view here in Titus, the lifeblood of an effective Gospel witness is far more ordinary and unimpressive than we’d like to admit. It’s comprised of character and behavior we readily assume ourselves to have, but closer self-examination reveals why Paul instructs us to continually remind ourselves of these things.”

The Ordinary Means of Grace

For the Church’s “Theology in the Everyday” series of brief introductions to theological matters continues with an explanation of the ordinary means of grace. As is true for each entry, there’s also an explanation meant for children.

Expect God to Work in the Lives of People Around You

“I find the Lord’s activity in the lives of the Babylonian kings’ when the Israelites were in captivity fascinating. I cannot help but think that it was because of the presence of the people of God that the Lord worked miracles in the lives of these pagan monarchs.”

Flashback: 4 Guidelines for Dating Without Regrets

Couples should make their intentions known when they begin dating—but this is not the same as declaring an intention to get married! Rather, to be intentional is to be clear on what the initial expectations are.

The way to conquer sin is not by working hard to change our deeds, but by trusting Jesus to change our desires. —David Platt