A La Carte (June 14)

Today’s Kindle deals include a whole collection by John MacArthur as well as an excellent, reader-friendly introduction to the Reformation.

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Logos users will want to check out the excellent Reformed Expository Commentaries at 30% off.

I’m looking forward to speaking in the Philippines next year. In the meantime, Steve Lawson will be there next week. Details are here.

Worship Leading in Real Life

“The airbrushed images of worship leading that we see presented to us can warp our expectations of what we will experience in our own local-church contexts, and lead us to think that we’d have it easier somewhere else.”

Earnestly Contending for the Statistics

I enjoyed this cheeky article from Summer White. She makes a valuable point in it.

TGC Canada

The website for The Gospel Coalition Canada has just launched. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

A Cuttlefish Disguise (Video)

You probably know that cuttlefish can change their appearance. But now we learn they can also change their behavior to mimic other creatures.

Sorry, Old Testament

Christianity Today reports on a new study, then gets expert opinions on it. “Only 9 of the top 100 most-cited Bible passages in systematic theology come from the Old Testament—with Genesis accounting for 8 of them. (Isaiah is the ninth).”

Twenty Relics of Church Past

Here’s a little look at 20 things churches had or did 10 years ago that they don’t today.

The Great Exchanges of Romans

Sinclair Ferguson shares the good news of Romans.

Flashback: How Should Christians Fast?

Daniel Hyde addresses the practice of fasting with these 6 guidelines.

While it’s simplistic to say that worship is love, it’s a fact that what we love most will determine what we genuinely worship. —Bob Kauflin