A La Carte (June 14)

I’m a few time zones removed from home so am posting this before bed. I’ll check for Kindle deals when I get up.

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Distinguishing Marks of a Quarrelsome Person

Kevin DeYoung provides some of the marks that distinguish a quarrelsome person. Also, don’t be a quarrelsome person.

He Gave Himself Up for Another

You’ll enjoy this Father’s Day reflection. “Before the carpenter’s sawdust brushed off, before the wood glue dried, before the grout hardened, the guy I married had to learn a new skill, the pregnant husband trade. Married four short months when the baby test promised more than a case of the flu, we looked at one another in shock.”

The Dirty Dozen: Some Thoughts on Why We Stink at Evangelism

Sam Storms: “When I say that ‘we’ stink at evangelism, I’m not talking about all of you. Some of you, I hope many of you, excel at sharing your faith with non-Christians. But most of us do not. It may sound offensive, but let’s be honest: we stink at evangelism. At least I do. But I don’t want to.”

Why You Spend So Much at Costco (Video)

This video explains the brilliant business model Costco uses to get you to spend more money.

Investing in Your Marriage Is Worth the Sacrifice

It really is. Here’s Stacey Reaoch: “I’m not complaining about our stage of life. It’s filled to the brim with mostly good things. I love having teens and a pre-teen and a five-year-old (who daily reminds us to laugh). But I’m realizing that as we embrace our life in all its fullness, the marriage relationship is often the first thing squeezed out.”

5 Reasons to Treasure the Trinity

Do you treasure the Trinity? “The secret to a thriving soul is not to avoid thinking deeply about God, but at an even more intimate level to understand the character of God. We must have eyes to see that at the root of our stubborn sins is a view of God that just doesn’t go high enough – that isn’t beautiful enough. In short, it isn’t Trinitarian enough.”

When Old They’ll Still Bear Fruit

James Faris: “Last month, my extended family and I sat with my dying grandmother over her final days. In the waning hours of her life, we reflected on the various blessings the Lord gives by allowing saints to live long lives. Growing old is really hard, but there are unique benefits that come to the friends and family of those who age well in Jesus Christ. Here are a few of the blessings we counted together…”

Flashback: The Peril of Success

It is good to set goals and a pleasure to achieve them. But danger comes when too much of our effort has gone into gaining success and too little into gaining sanctification.

The truth is that there are such things as Christian tears, and too few of us ever weep them. —John Stott