A La Carte (June 14)

I am in Grand Rapids today on day two of recording the audiobook for Seasons of Sorrow. So far it is going quite well, I think, and I hope to be finished by this evening.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Harder Our Earth, the Sweeter Our Heaven)

Pastoral Q & A: Are More Prayers More Effective?

This is a good question: Are prayers more effective when there are more of them?

In Praise of Single Women

“In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul makes a case for Christians remaining single and not marrying. This runs against the grain of not just our wider society but also of much evangelicalism, where finding a life partner is seen as the highest calling in life. However, after years in mission leadership, I can see exactly what Paul is getting at.”

Our Mission: Make More Disciples and Fewer Performers

Randy Alcorn is concerned that the church is better at making performers than making true disciples.

Faithful in Exile

This is an interesting one. “The stories of Daniel and Esther are helpful to us in working out how we should navigate the demands of authority. Daniel and Esther were both in exile (canonically these are two books separated by hundreds of pages in our bibles but chronologically they happen in the same period of history, during the exile), and we Christians are also living in a kind of exile…”

Prayer: Generation to Generation

Donna celebrates a generation to generation kind of prayer.

Do Baptists Come from the Anabaptist Movement? (Video)

So this is a good question: Do Baptists comes from the Anabaptist movement? Robert Godfrey answers briefly here.

Flashback: This Broken, Beautiful World

For us to appreciate the extent of God’s mercy, we must first acknowledge the depths of our own depravity. For us to follow Jesus, we must first bear a heavy cross.

God kills thy comforts from no other design but to kill thy corruptions; wants are ordained to kill wantonness, poverty is appointed to kill pride, reproaches are permitted to destroy ambition. —John Flavel