A La Carte (June 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few interesting books.

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(Yesterday on the blog: 40 More Random Pieces of Advice for the Christian Life)

Fathers, Lead the Way

Here’s a reflection for fathers in the lead-up to Father’s Day.

Let Your Sins Be Strong

“We all tend to minimize our sinfulness. We look at the wrongs we have done and do everything we can to try and justify our actions. Doing this, however, fails to take full ownership of our sins.”

A Christian Perspective on the Meaning of Life

It’s a question we all need to ask at some point, an issue we all need to consider: What are we here for?

What tree does the fruit grow on?

“Western Europe (and North America) is moving further and further from its moorings in a Christian view of life. Some are glad to see the back of what they might term ‘superstitious nonsense’. Others are deeply troubled that the religious foundations with which they grew up are being shaken.”

How Do I Forgive?

Sometimes forgiveness isn’t quite as easy as we think it will be…

9Marks Journal

For those interested in some slightly more academic reading, there is a new issue of the 9Marks Journal available to read for free.

Flashback: Consecutive Exposition Is Not the Only Way

His approach was not to simply pluck a text from the Bible, but to take a text from God through the Bible. He would not labor to exposit his text until he had labored to discover his text.

No one thing either deforms or weakens the Church more than division. —John Brinsley