A La Carte (June 17)

I made the long drive back from Grand Rapids yesterday and had to scramble to get A La Carte done! But I did get it done, and here it is… (But first, I listened to Candice Millard’s The River of the Gods along the way and very much enjoyed it. Recommended!)

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The book on marriage I recommended last week, Gospel Shaped Marriage, is now on sale at WTS.

Speaking Truth in Marital Conflict

“Here is a universal rule for marriage counselors: don’t allow couples to speak to each other in absolutes.” That’s good advice for couples who aren’t working with a counselor as well.

Is Rick Warren Right about Gift vs. Office?

Denny Burk: “An unexpected thing happened this week at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) when Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, rose to make a statement that began with, ‘It’s customary for a guy who’s about to be hung to let him say his dying words.'”

Free audiobook – Happily Ever After: Finding Grace in the Messes of Marriage from ONE Audiobooks

Happy Friday!  Here’s a 3rd FREE audiobook offer from ONE Audiobooks.  If you missed them, there were two previous offers this week from ONE – Why I Love the Apostle Paul by John Piper & The Possibilities of Prayer by E.M. Bounds.  We believe that God designed marriage not as a trial to be endured, but as a pointer to and catalyst for your greatest joy. God didn’t design marriage to be your storybook ending, but to be a fresh beginning, to help get you ready for the true “happily ever after” when together we see our great Bridegroom face to face.  Get on ONE’s list to find out about some huge sales we have coming up! (Sponsored Link)

What ‘Leah’s Eyes Were Weak’ Means—& What It Says about Bible Interpretation

“The book of Genesis does what preachers and Sunday school teachers would do well to avoid. Indeed, it violates the first rule they teach you at Bible-teaching school: Don’t comment on the physical appearance of particular women.” What does it mean that Leah’s eyes were weak? This article provides an interesting answer.

Advice for Pastors Young and Old

Here is some useful advice for pastors, whether they are young or old (or somewhere in between).

The Pervasive Problem of Loving Money

John Piper covers the pervasive problem of loving money.

Letter to a Wounded Pastor

Darryl writes a letter to wounded pastors (of whom there are many).

Flashback: Love Is Not Heavy-Handed

It’s inevitable that problems will arise, inevitable that there will be angry words, unfortunate misunderstandings, unintentional insults. While there will be many great blessings that come through the local church, there will also be real sorrows.

A culture of individual isolation and lone rangers is not a culture of the gospel. —Michael Reeves