A La Carte (June 18)

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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If you’d like to sharpen your knowledge of Job, Westminster Books has a sale on a pair of resources by Christopher Ash–one big, one small. (Also, don’t forget their spring clearance sale.)

I’m running out of fresh ways to say it! There are a few Kindle deals today.

Remembering Finn

I think you’ll enjoy reading Kristin’s memories of Finn.

Christians, Beware the Blame Game

Carl Trueman comes through with another solid column here. “The church’s exile from mainstream culture is going to be hard, but the Bible makes it clear that she wins in the end. The gates of hell shall not prevail against her. That is the source of our hope at this time, and so it is pastorally cruel and theologically irresponsible for Christians to obscure this truth with endless complaints about ‘the church’s’ past behavior and present inadequacies.”

Christ, Our Strength in Suffering

Jared Wilson says, “To suffer, with Christ, is a vastly superior life to never suffering without him.”

Religion as “Communal Solidarity” or “Personal Identity”?

Gene Veith considers the distinction between religion as communal solidarity (as it used to be) and religion as personal identity (as it so often is today).

Norton Hall Band (Video)

SBTS’s Norton Hall Band has been releasing a series of new recordings of classic hymns and all of them are worth listening to.

A Tragedy in London: What’s a Christian to Do?

Jude St. John lives and pastors near the spot of an appalling tragedy in London (Ontario). He reflects on it for TGC Canada. “Huddled piles of flowers have replaced the huddled masses of mourners that paid homage: their currency primarily being grief, shock, and anger. This is the location where three generations of a Muslim Canadian family were attacked leaving four family members dead and a nine-year-old child orphaned and in the hospital.”

Flashback: Not Worrying ≠ Not Caring

If God forbids worry, why do we still spend so much time doing it? If God warns us against anxiety, why we do we still find ourselves racked with fear as we consider what we’ve done and are doing and will do? Why do we waste days and squander nights in the joyless captivity of worry?