A La Carte (June 2)

Today’s Kindle deals include quite a few books including three on the important subject of spiritual warfare.

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Logos continues to release courses through their MobileEd platform. How about this one on eschatology which features five well-known theologians each defending his position: Darrell L. Bock—Pre-tribulation Premillennialism; Douglas J. Moo—Post-tribulation Premillennialism; Sam Storms—Amillennialism; Peter J. Leithart—Postmillennial Preterism; N. T. Wright—New Heavens, New Earth Eschatology.

Also on the subject of Logos, if you use the software, be sure to check out this month’s deals on books by P&R.

Christian Audio is having their twice-yearly sale where they mark down books to $7.49. Their freebie this month is the KJV New Testament.

Bed Sheets, Calendars and Prayer

Here’s a call to urgency: “When our churches become havens of prayer, our bone-dry world comes back to life. So do we. Our bed sheets and full calendars lie to us. But the believers’ reality? A room full of praying people – in duty and privilege – has the power to change the world.”

Driscoll and The Bogeyman Narrative

“After reading The Gospel Coalition article I was struck by two things. First the total absence of the Bogeyman, Driscoll himself. He looms over the article by his vast absence not his vast presence. The general tenor is ‘We’ve moved on so let’s not even talk about it.’ Secondly I was struck by a narrative that tends to paint others in the Mars Hill leadership as either unwitting or unwilling accomplices, fellow victims even, of Driscoll’s failures; a projection of the faults of other leaders onto the man himself.”

Beyond Hymnals and Screens

I suspect some of my articles are in the background here. “What is the purpose of singing in corporate worship? It is to express truth, reach emotions, or instruct? Is it to get people ready for the sermon? Is it an entryway for people to get comfortable who would otherwise be uneasy in church? Is the singing for the benefit of God or the congregation or both?”

Marian Prayers As Shapers of Roman Catholic Theology and Practice

Leonardo De Chirico continues to provide insightful writing on Roman Catholicism. I’m looking forward to his forthcoming book on the Catholic Church’s Marian doctrine.

How the Bendy Straw Was Invented (Video)

Here’s an answer to a question you’ve never asked: How did the bendy straw come about?

Tiger Pastoring

“It’s not unusual for churches to assume that in order for Christians to mature, they need to follow a certain pathway of development that the church leadership set for them. Now I have no problem with the clarity of ‘pathway thinking’ in our ministries. What I question is our execution of this maturity program and the assumptions it reveals.”

The Pastor’s Personal Life: A Source of Power in the Pulpit

Conrad Mbewe: “Take it as a general rule: The day you lose your godliness is the day you lose your power in pastoral preaching. The two are inextricably connected: You lose one, you lose the other.”

Flashback: 1 Triangle, 3 Corners, 4 T’s

There are different ways Christians attempt to get from the text to today in ways that are faithful and accurate. Here I borrow from my friend James Seward and display one of these ways with a triangle that has four T’s on it.

When hard times come, be a student, not a victim. —Ray Pritchard