A La Carte (June 23)

Here’s a reminder that my forthcoming book Seasons of Sorrow: The Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God is now available for pre-order. You can reserve your copy at Amazon, Westminster Books, and so on.

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There are a couple of new Kindle deals from yesterday and today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Thing About Light and Momentary)

Questions Your Church Should Ask a Missionary Candidate

“For churches, selecting which missionaries to support can be difficult. Missions committees and elder boards are often overwhelmed with requests from prospective partners. How should they sift through these opportunities and decide which ministries to prioritize?” Here’s a list of good questions to ask.

5 Reasons Why We Should Not Stop Using Male Pronouns for God

“It is right to believe that God is transcendent: God is not a man. Even little children learn in the catechism that ‘God is a Spirit and has not a body like men.’ And certainly, in Scripture God’s character and actions are sometimes described using feminine imagery (cf. Isa 49:15). But none of that means we should abandon male pronouns for God.”

Q and A with Alistair Begg

If you enjoy Q&A sessions, you might like to watch this one with Alistair Begg from the recent Basics Conference.

3 Ways to Live Humbly Online

A little bit more humility wouldn’t hurt any of us, would it?

How to Make the Case against Abortion in Less Than a Minute

With abortion back on everyone’s mind, this would be a good time to refresh yourself on how to make the case against it.

The Ordinary Christian Life in Retirement

“What is an ‘ordinary Christian life’ for a retiree? Is living an ‘ordinary’ life a good thing? Doesn’t God want us to live extraordinary lives—with exceptional experiences and accomplishments? Isn’t that what most people retire for?” Chris Cagle thinks it through.

Flashback: Each Man Before the Mob

We should be happier if a man follows a different path than we do while heeding his conscience than if he imitates us while violating it. We should affirm him in making a decision that is different from our own, as long as that decision is consistent with his conscience.

Human love was never intended to be our living water. Instead, it can be an addictive drug that is never enough. True freedom comes when you love God more than all else. —Ed Welch