A La Carte (June 28)

My church is once again offering an internship program for those who have completed seminary training or are near completion with the intention to pursue full-time pastoral ministry. Details are at the link.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Beauty of Duty)

Finding Family

“God’s family is a precious thing, bound by wine and bread instead of blood and resemblance. Its members don’t dress alike, share a uniform culture or a common language. But whether it be in a building or a living room, whether through candles and liturgy or guitars and blue jeans, whenever believers gather, we belong to each other. And wherever two or more of us come together, Jesus is there.”

What to Do with Regret

We all go through life carrying some regrets. Barbara offers some counsel on what to do with them.

What happens to God’s people after they die? (Video)

This is a question we have all wondered, isn’t it?

Speeding in Opposite Directions: ‘Lightyear’ and ‘Maverick’

I appreciate Brett McCracken’s two-for-one review of new films. “Where the original Toy Story was a wide-eyed marvel of artistry and enchanting storytelling, Lightyear is overstuffed and uninspired. And where Toy Story celebrated childhood as childhood, even leading adult viewers to feel like kids again, Lightyear does the opposite—pushing childhood into adulthood in inappropriate ways.”

Is Sermon Application Even Necessary?

Is sermon application necessary or optional? This article suggest it’s a necessary part of preaching.

“Let the Little Children Come To Me”

Kevin DeYoung says that the real monstrosity of Roe was not legal but moral.

Flashback: When God Seems Deaf To Our Cries

When Joseph was in the pit he must have cried out for God to deliver him then and there, to return him to his father that very day. But if God had answered that prayer, he would have preserved Joseph’s life only for it to end in starvation.

Making disciples is an act that calls for embodied presence. It requires sharing our lives. It demands we dive into the deep end – even if we’re not convinced we know how to swim. —Drew Hill