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A La Carte (June 3)


Good morning. May the Lord bless and keep you today.

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Going Beyond Clouds That Hide the View

This is a good one. “Gloom is part of my life, shadowy and rainy. But so is brightness. My clouds at times stormy, other times reflective seem to melt away as if the sun’s rays filter through each molecule of my being and sadness dissipates. I get impatient for dreary moods to lift. I’m not sure I like being a cloudy person.”

Having Confidence in Prayer

Here are three important lessons about prayer based on the life of Elijah.

Looking For Help With Cross-Cultural Church Planting?

If you are looking to planting churches among the remaining unreached people groups, consider Radius International to help you or your church with that. Radius International offers pre-field mission training for workers headed to plant churches among the unreached language groups. (Sponsored Link)

Do Not Swear?

George Sinclair: “James 5:12 says that you should not swear. What does that mean? How do you figure out what it means? Is the question even a big deal? Here are three ways to understand what ‘do not swear’ means.”

How to Abide When Serving God is Harder Than You Expected

“It was a surreal moment when my foot finally landed on the dusty African soil. All my nine-year-old childhood dreams had finally been realized, as my husband and I were about to start an exciting adventure of sharing the gospel with unreached people in Tanzania. At first, the thrill of the new adventure supplied the energy we needed to adjust…”

Is God for Us?

“I often hear people say, ‘God wants good for me.’ ‘Okay, sure, absolutely. I can agree.’ Here’s the rub. What is ‘good’? That’s where I believe we differ. I don’t believe God’s perspective of ‘good’ is the same as ours. God’s ‘good’ does not necessitate health here on earth. God’s ‘good’ does not necessitate a lack of birth defects, financial blessing, intelligence, godly spouse, etc. While we may be blessed to experience some of these things, God’s “goodness” does not necessitate it.”

Christianity Is the Best Explanation for Reality

“If someone asked you how you know Christianity is true, how would you answer them? Would you appeal to your transformed life, the witness of miracles, or apologetic arguments?” Alan Shlemon replies.

Flashback: The Cost of Radical Generosity

You can’t keep up with the Joneses when you’re committed to radical generosity, and I think that’s exactly how God intends it.

Your soul will wither and die without your Bible. Approach it desperately.

—Matt Smethurst

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