A La Carte (June 6)

Good morning from Argentina where I’m making a one-day stop in Buenos Aires as I transition from Chile to Brazil.

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(Yesterday on the blog: And You Shall Never Displease Me)

7 Reasons Why Mormonism and Christianity Are Not the Same

Kevin DeYoung lists them out.

We’re Commanded to Love Our Neighbors, Not to Make Them Feel Loved

There is a key distinction between loving people and making them feel loved. “We have reached the point where no matter how kindly you articulate the biblical view of gender and sexuality, you will be branded ‘hater.’ Which is to say, you will be seen as unloving (even though you aren’t), and you will hurt feelings (no matter how lovingly you speak the truth). Yet if you have wed the fulfillment of Christ’s command to a runaway train, where then will you go?”

Where Does Leadership Begin?
Why do some leaders stay the course and grow in wisdom while others fall into abuse, deception, and immorality? Learn how the fear of the Lord establishes the only foundation for godly leadership. (Sponsored Link)
True, Lasting Happiness Is Found in Jesus, Not Sex or Sexual Identity

Randy Alcorn says, “One day God’s children will look back on this life with complete clarity. When we do, I believe we’ll see that our only true sacrifices were when we chose sin instead of Jesus. The ‘sacrifice’ of following Jesus produces the greatest, most lasting happiness—both here and now, and forever.”

Who Was Pierre Courthial?

This is a great introduction to the life, thought, and impact of a little-known theologian.

Where Does Courage Come From?

“For years, I tried to bootstrap my own courage, to dig up something from within to make me fearless. I tried to use shame, selfishness, and self-preservation, but they all created a distorted and flimsy version of courage that never lasted. I needed to grab hold of the divine love of Christ as my Good Shepherd.”

Flashback: The Gospel Was Given for a Time Like This

The gospel was not given to a world without sin, without confusion, without difficulty and persecution—that world needs no gospel. The gospel was given to a world like this one, a world marked by every kind of pain and perversity. This world needs a gospel and, praise God!, he gave us one.

God intends the Christian life to be a life of joy—not drudgery. The idea that holiness is associated with a dour disposition is a caricature of the worst sort. In fact, just the opposite is true. Only those who walk in holiness experience true joy. —Jerry Bridges