A Journey into the Love of God

This sponsored post was provided by Zondervan Reflective and is an excerpt from Heath Lambert’s book The Great Love of God.

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As I awoke from brain surgery and began the slow road of recovery, I immersed myself in the great love of God. I read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation and paid careful attention to all the passages that addressed the love of God. After that, I began to read all the books I could find about the love of God.

This time of reading and exploration continued in theology, I had never before seen so clearly how the authors of the Bible talk about the love of God in ways that stir the soul and lift the heart to the heavens. Their vision of God increased my own appreciation of his love and has convinced me that I must tell others about it.

God loves you and longs to embrace you in his love. There is power in the great love of God. There is power to change our hateful world into a world full of love and mutual care. There is power in the love of God to lift you out of the rut of loneliness that has had you trapped for so long. There is power in the love of God to transform your hard, selfish, and hateful heart into a soft heart that cares for others. There is power in the great love of God to turn even your most painful situations into experiences of joy.

When you know and experience the great love that God has for you, it changes everything. I want you to know this love. I want you to experience this love. Oh, how I want you to be embraced by this love.

God loves you.

Your story is different from mine. I told you what God has begun to do in my life so that you could have a vision for what he will do in yours. God has you on a journey to experience the embrace of his great love. The hard news about this journey is that it is likely to begin in a dark, sad, and lonely place. But God is leading you out of this darkness, sorrow, and isolation into the brightness and joy of his great love for you. This journey into God’s heart of love is one I want us to take together.

Great love defines God’s essence and will transform your existence.

If you understand this sentence, you will understand how this book will progress. In the chapters that follow, I will begin by showing you God’s character of infinite love and then explaining how he extends that love to you in acts of care I refer to as his embrace. After I help you answer some practical objections some have about God’s love, I will show you how God’s great love changes everything about you.

God loves you.

It really is true. And because that is true, it means all the joys and trials you will ever experience are leading you directly into God’s embrace of infinite love.

This journey into God’s love will be wonderful. In fact, it will be more than wonderful. I promise you, being embraced by the love of God will be the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you.

Heath’s book The Great Love of God is available now!