A La Carte (June 8)

Good morning from Brazil. I’m in São Paulo this morning and making my way to Recife this afternoon. We will soon begin filming yet another episode of Worship Round the World.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Your Loved Ones Love You Still)

The Upside-Down Metaphor: A Hermeneutical Critique of Josh Butler’s Beautiful Union

Anne Kennedy reviews Josh Butler’s now-infamous book. “In his provocative book, Beautiful Union: How God’s Vision for Sex Points Us to the Good, Unlocks the True, and (Sort of) Explains Everything,1 Josh Butler articulates a theological picture of God’s union with humanity in Christ that is sexual, rather than sacramental in nature. Butler makes exegetical and categorical errors that lead him to at least two theologically problematic conclusions.”

The Aim of Satan

What does Satan aim at in his engagements with us? This article explains.

How Can Leaders Become Difference Makers?

“Healthy, courageous leaders are humble, fearful followers.” —David M. Cook and Shane W. Parker (Sponsored Link)

Water into Wine?

Shane Rosenthal: “The account of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana is a well-known story from the Gospel of John. When commenting upon this passage, many focus on the exceptional quality of the wine that Jesus produced, while others prefer to highlight the enormous quantity … But in my opinion, the most noteworthy aspect of this famous story relates not to the quantity or qualityof the wine, but rather to its historical reality.”

What Is Pride?

Christina Fox explains what pride is all about.

Did the Puritans Agree on Eschatology?

Interesting! “Were the Puritans aligned in their eschatological views? Not quite. This article examines various Puritan theologies of eschatology that emerged between the 17th and 18th centuries, focusing on seven prominent Puritan writers and their unique perspectives.”

3 Ways Our Relationship With Social Media Warps Friendship

Chris Martin explains how social media changes (or warps) our friendships.

Flashback: What If Marriage Isn’t Making Me As Holy As I Had Hoped?

Our pursuits of holiness, whether our own or our spouse’s, are only ever incomplete pursuits. They are real and meaningful, but necessarily limited by the harsh reality that there is no perfection to be had on this side of the grave.

The great problem of living is not to escape hard and painful experiences, but in such experiences to keep the heart gentle, loving, and sweet. —J.R. Miller