A La Carte (June 9)

Good morning, at last, from downtown Recife. I look forward to spending the weekend with Primeira Igreja Presbiteriana do Recife. (I’ll be speaking to a men’s group there this evening at 7; if you’re a man and live in the area, feel free to attend.)

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Blasphemy Then and Now

Carl Trueman examines charges of blasphemy against Monty Python then and now. “Opponents of blasphemy then and of blasphemy now share something in common: a concern to protect that which is sacred. But that is where the similarity begins and ends. Old-style blasphemy involved desecrating God because it was God who was sacred. Today’s blasphemy involves suggesting that man is not all-powerful, that he cannot create himself in any way he chooses, that he is subject to limits beyond his choice and beyond his control.”

How to Distinguish the Holy Spirit from the Serpent

Sinclair Ferguson turns to John Owen to explain how to distinguish very different kinds of promptings.

The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Leadership

“He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” —2 Samuel 2:23 (Sponsored Link)

How Much Should Pastors Make?

John Piper considers pastors and their salaries.

You Can Be Right and Wrong Simultaneously

“I’m sure you can relate to this experience. You’re in a discussion with someone, and they say something incorrect. It’s important enough that it should be set straight. So you begin to interact calmly, identifying their error and offering the correct understanding of the matter. But it’s not that easy.”

No They Can’t and Here’s Why

Anne Kennedy: “Work—meaningful work—which leads to accomplishment produces self-forgetfulness. You get caught up in whatever you’re doing and forget about yourself altogether. It is the common grace of God to give ordinary people momentary relief from the great burden of themselves through the various kinds of work that make life interesting and pleasurable. I think this must be one reason that most kinds of meaningful work have been destroyed, I assume by Satan, who wants you to think about yourself all the live-long day.”

The Rollercoaster

Patsy Kuipers tells about the rollercoaster nature of caring for a declining parent.

Flashback: Could You Use Some Joy Today?

…consider what God has given you, whether wealth, time, talents, or gifts, and consider how you can use them to express generosity to someone else. Consider how you can give to others what God has given you…

In the union of husband and wife their sexual drives are consecrated and directed to the spouse for mutual benefit instead of selfish gratification. —Harold Senkbeil