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(Yesterday on the blog: Should Christians “Self Care?”)

Don’t Mistake Transfer Growth for Evangelism

Transfer growth isn’t necessarily bad, but we sure don’t want to be content with only transfer growth. “Here’s a better question for assessing healthy growth: Who is coming to your church who otherwise probably wouldn’t be active in the faith? This metric, of course, is imprecise, and we don’t want to presume how the lives of others play out. But this can be a good starting point for helping us to see better who’s attending our church, and to understand more clearly what we’re called to do as pastors.”

6 Ways to Learn Logic Online With Zero Budget

“As Christians we need to please God not just by showing respect and humility in answering but also in clear and logical way. The way we think matters to God also.” Here are some free resources to help get you started.

Sing! with Keith & Kristyn Getty (and Many of Their Friends) (Sponsored)

The Getty Music Worship Conference – Sing! exists to help pastors, musicians and leaders build a Biblical understanding and creative vision for congregational singing in their churches. Bringing together speakers and artists (John Piper, John MacArthur, Joni Eareckson Tada, Trip Lee, etc) from many traditions and walks of life, it is meant to encourage churches towards a deeper, more dynamic view of theology, artistry and mission in congregational singing. It will be held in Nashville from August 19-21.  You can get 15% off between now and March 28 with promotional code CHALLIES.

Wisdom Wednesday with Dr. Scott Coupland (Video)

Dr. Scott Coupland answers this question: How can I better communicate with my spouse?

Village Poet

I believe writers (and prospective writers) will find this one helpful. “Seeing the mass of women writers, I realized my writing was easily duplicated. I don’t have a particularly interesting testimony that would make me a leading voice on a certain topic. I don’t have a degree or a book or a specialty subject that I write about regularly. I’m just another woman with an internet connection and a head full of words. Instead of seeing that as a reason to stop, though, I began to see it as a reason to rejoice.”

It’s ‘Church-Planting’, Jim, But Not as We Know It…

The sudden proliferation of church plant books, church plant media sites, church plant resource outlets, and church planting conferences, should all alert us to a simple fact. Church planting has hit the trend list.” Which is always a good time to be wary.

Why Translate the Bible?

“I’d like to give you four reasons for giving your life to the ministry of Bible translation, and I’d like to start with the reason that has moved many over the centuries.

An FAQ on a Spiritual Classic: The Valley of Vision

Justin Taylor has put together a really interesting FAQ on a spiritual classic.

Flashback: Suburban Sprawl and the Dying Dream of Community Churches

In suburbia, or North American suburbia at any rate, it seems the era of the community church is giving way to the era of the commuter church. It’s a new challenge, but one we can do well as we identify it and embrace it.

Take the world, but give me Jesus; In His cross my trust shall be, till, with clearer, brighter vision face to face my Lord I see. —Fanny Crosby