A La Carte (March 15)

Today’s Kindle deals include some classics that are worth adding to your collection, as well as a couple of more modern titles.

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Westminster Books is having a mega-sale on the ESV Study Bible. The King James Study Bible is also on sale.

We Have Lost the Sense of God

Don’t miss this passionate lament and plea from Conrad Mbewe. “I am sorry to say that as I mingle with the younger generation today, I cannot help feeling that this culture of deep meditation on God has been largely lost. There is too much noise. Noise from the television, noise from the radio, noise from the internet, noise from the smartphone, noise from the computer, noise from the sports stadium—noise, noise, noise.”

You Are Not The Story!

I’m glad I read H.B. Charles’ article right through. What begins as a rant against what passes for news today, soon turns to something far more important.

Southern Baptists Extend Olive Branch to Russell Moore

You may have been hearing about controversies surrounding Russell Moore. WORLD will get you caught up with this column. (See also Christianity Today.)

The Benedict Option in Percentages

I appreciate Andy Crouch’s brief summary of key (and not-so-key) parts of Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option. (Also, here’s Wyatt Graham with an explanation of The Benedict Option.)

The Economics of Airline Classes (Video)

I really enjoy these Wendover Productions videos. This one is about why airline classes are priced the way they are.

What Can The Church Learn From “Rock Dog?”

Yes! The correct is answer nothing!

Never Read a Qur’anic Verse

You’ll often hear Greg Koukl warn never to read a [single] Bible verse. Well, it turns out that people also like to read the Qur’an in this way.


It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve heard some new lyrical theology (theology set to rap). Timothy Brindle’s new track on David and Goliath is well worth a listen. In it he shows “how David crushing the head of Goliath is really a vivid picture of the unfolding of the Genesis 3:15 promise, pointing forward to Christ crushing the head of the Serpent, for us!”

Flashback: Two Things to Know About Killing Sin

In this series of posts I share some of what John Owen says about putting sin to death, or what he calls mortification.

Two of the rarest sights are a young man who is humble and an old man who is content. —J.C. Ryle