A La Carte (March 16)

I am heading off to the airport for an early flight, but will try to scrounge up some Kindle deals once I’m waiting around there. Stay tuned. [Update: I added a few.]

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When Should Christians Use Satire?

John Piper discusses satire: “One of the difficulties with satire — and I will just say this about myself, in particular — is that it is so difficult to use without sounding arrogant. James Denney said it is very hard to show that Christ is magnificent and that I am clever at the same time. It has been a very powerful word for me over the years.”

Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well

Kevin DeYoung: “Isn’t the pastor’s job to preach sermons, do hospital visits, and spend time with the people? Why does writing matter?” He explains.

Ranking the Most Dangerous Countries for American Tourists

I suppose the most dangerous countries for tourists might also be the most urgent countries for missions.

An Era of Terror the church should NEVER forget (Video)

Steve Lawson joins Todd Friel to tell about an era of terror the church should never forget.

The Surprising Power of Little Things

I like this: “Lately I’ve been struck by the power of little things. The single comment that colors your entire day. The chance encounter that opens up a new opportunity at work. The random thought that blossoms into a year-long project.”

Reflections on the 2017 Shepherds’ Conference

I was glad to hear that Bob Kauflin had led worship at the Shepherds’ Conference and glad to read his reflection on the experience.

Paul Washer’s Warning To Christian Rappers (Video)

Maybe someone can explain the context to this video (which is actually just audio). Paul Washer gives a warning to Christian rappers, but only after praising them.

Flashback: What Is Your Exit Plan?

The thing is, sooner or later your kids will become their own people, and have their own network of friends and followers. And when this happens they will find that for the past 13 years you have been building their online profile. What kind of profile will they walk into when they are old enough to care?

That Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever is the ground of our hope that we won’t be the same yesterday and today and forever. —James Anderson