A La Carte (March 24)

Sadly, there’s not much to tell you about Kindle deals today.

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However, anyone who loves commentaries will want to check out Westminster Books and their sale on the Preaching the Word series (which is ideal for preaching but also for personal study).

When You’ve Got a Bramble for a King

Jared Wilson draws a good lesson from an odd passage.

The Fearful and Wonderful Art of Flirting

Here are seven warnings about flirting in the digital age. “I’m guessing here, but whenever it first started, flirting seems to be a primal phenomenon in human relationships and sexuality. But with the rise of digital technology, flirting also becomes more blunt, more convenient, and often more misleading and confusing.”

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? (Video)

Probably more than you’re getting.

How John Piper’s Seashells Swept Over a Generation

“When we trace the history of Desiring God and John Piper’s rise in influence over the years, One Day 2000 may be the single most significant event in terms of exposing a wider audience to Piper.”

What Does Semper Reformanda Mean?

“Probably something like this: since we now have a church reformed in the externals of doctrine, worship, and government, let us always be working to ensure that our hearts and lives are being reformed by the Word and Spirit of God.”

9 Things That Are Still Great About Facebook

It seems like we should give credit where credit is due. After all, we spend lots of time griping about Facebook.

Leopards vs. Python (Video)

This is an amazing bit of footage of a huge battle.

Production or Virtue?

“We are fanatics for productivity. Some of us are like miniature corporations ticking off our project objectives and meeting our target points. And for many, productivity is the canon for self-evaluation.”

Flashback: Five Reasons to Rejoice in Persecution

Though the burdens we bear are light compared to what some others have had to carry, they are burdens nonetheless. I was recently studying 1 Peter 4 and found 5 reasons that we can and should rejoice even now when we are persecuted, or even in that day when we face much greater persecution.

You will never turn from a sin you don’t hate. —Jen Wilkin