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A La Carte (March 24)


Good morning! Grace and peace to you today.

This week’s special from Westminster Books is 50% off the excellent new biography of R.C. Sproul, which I reviewed here.

There are a couple of Kindle deals to look at today.

A Catechism on Brotherly Kindness

This is an excellent brief catechism on brotherly kindness. “Q. What cools Affection many a time among good men? A. Their affections are often cooled by their differing in some points more remote from the vitals of Christianity; or perhaps their different ways of expressing the same great truths, and their groundless jealousies and hard censuring of one another, because of these differences. Besides, their selfish passions and interfering interests many a time abate their affection to one another.”

Burdening Ourselves to Death

Nick Batzig: “Since the advent of the internet, globalized news has become a localized phenomenon. Information about some event or tragedy that happened on the other side of the world becomes our news. What would have taken several months to reach a certain part of the world now takes seconds. We are more informed than ever, and simultaneously more stressed out and outraged than ever.”

20 Tweet-sized Lessons for the Chairman of the Elders

This is a helpful article from Isaac Adams. “By God’s grace, I’ve had the joy of serving as the chairman of the elders for the last three years at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Knowing I was the youngest of the brothers on the elder board (I still am), I knew my wisdom in leading meetings was scant compared to those around the table. That’s why I’ve been taking notes on lessons I’ve learned as chairman; sometimes, I’ve learned these lessons the hard way!” (See also: 11 Elder Chairman FAQs)

What You Should Know about the Release of Pastor James Coates

Pastor James Coates was released from custody a couple of days ago. Wyatt Graham put together a helpful little FAQ to address his arrest and release.

What We Celebrate on World Down Syndrome Day

Lauren Washer: “Down syndrome impacts me everyday. It affects my decisions, my chores, my schedule, even my life insurance policy—you should see the bill that just arrived. But our son’s disability has become such a normal part of life that I don’t think about it everyday. He’s just my son, a delightful addition to our family, and one of the greatest kids around.” (See also: Celebrating Down Syndrome?)

The Languages of Africa (Video)

I am fascinated by languages, so appreciated this video about the many (many!) languages of Africa.

How’s Your Church Brand?

“For companies attempting to appeal to millenial and younger generations, it’s not so much about what you’re doing for charity, or the actual effectiveness of those efforts. What matters is that you are perceived as doing something. Your brand needs to be associated with philanthropy—so much the better if it’s a cutting edge cause, such as spheres of social justice, eco-conservation, or education.”

Flashback: The Character of the Christian: Respected by Outsiders

The gospel itself is at stake in the consistency or hypocrisy of its leaders.

Only one thing can cure the anxiety and fragility we experience as we try to control our own lives. That one thing is Jesus and him crucified, risen, and coming again.

—Jen Oshman

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    The Way You Walk

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