A La Carte (March 29)

Good morning! Grace to you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Savior, Lead Me)

Losing Forgiveness

“Maybe it has always been thus—the crowd baying in the arena for more gore, more death. The angry revolutionary mob laying hands on whomever and administering ‘justice’ with the zeal of victors rather than the just. People taking picnics to hangings to enjoy the day out at someone else’s expense.”

While I Was Still a Marxist

This is a neat account of Marvin Olasky’s conversion. “I woke up on November 1, 1973, a happy 23-year-old within the Communist Party. I had entered the University of Michigan graduate school after reporting for The Boston Globe, along with travel on a Soviet freighter and the Trans-Siberian Railway. A comfortable fellowship let me have my cake and advocate eating the cake of others. Professors complimented me on my Marxist analysis. Free love beckoned.”


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The FAQs: The Fight Over the Filibuster

Joe Carter has put together a good FAQ about the fight over the filibuster. “To understand the filibuster, it’s necessary to understand what the Senate is intended to be.”

Leadership Is Having the Right Phone Book

I quite agree with this: A component of leadership is having the right phone book.

Jesus Washed His Disciples’ Feet: The Disciples Of Abusers Wash Their Cars

Here’s quite a distinction between Jesus and abusers. “One thing that struck me reading the 31:8 safeguarding review of now-disgraced Anglican leader, Jonathan Fletcher, was the observation that Fletcher had his interns or ministry apprentices wash his car or mow his lawn. Why did it strike me? Because that was my observation of another leader who has been caught up in an abuse scandal as well. Do the gardening. Sweep the path. Wash the car. While I’m inside doing the work of ministry.” (See also: Little leopards …)

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (video)

This is video about planned obsolescence explains why and how it came to be.

Flashback: What We Lost When We Lost Our Hymnals

As we add new songs with greater regularity, we sing old songs with less frequency. This reduces our familiarity with our songs so that today we have far fewer of them fixed in our minds and hearts.

God is sovereign over…suffering, which means it is not meaningless. It is not wrath. It is not ultimately destructive. It is not wanton or heedless. It is purposeful. It is measured, wise, and loving. —John Piper