Savior, Lead Me

I have been reading some of the works of Charles Ebert Orr who wrote in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Besides books he also penned a small number of poems and hymns and, among them, I most appreciated one titled “Savior, Lead Me.” It is a simple profession of confidence in God’s goodness and sovereignty and a simple consecration to his purposes. I think you’ll enjoy it as well.

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I do not pray that life be spent
On flow’ry beds of ease;
I only pray that Christ may guide
Across the stormy seas.

I do not pray that flow’rs may bloom
Along my pilgrim way;
I only ask that Christ may guide
My footsteps lest I stray.

If Thou wilt lead me by the hand,
And guide my trembling feet,
For Thee, O Christ, I’ll gladly drink
The bitter with the sweet.

What though my life be peace or pain,
’Twill only soon be o’er;
I want to walk the way that leads
To heav’n’s eternal shore.

(You may notice the line “flow’ry beds of ease” has been drawn from Isaac Watt’s “Am I A Soldier of the Cross.”)