A La Carte (March 31)

It is launch day for my new book and documentary Epic. To learn more about the products and to know how to buy them, click here.

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Today’s Kindle deals include some good picks from Reformation Heritage Books. On a totally different note, Switchfoot fans will want to know that Jon Foreman has been recording and releasing a song a day while in lockdown.

(Yesterday on the blog: What Will the New Normal Look Like?)

Dealing with Death and Disease

Robert Rothwell offers some well-timed counsel on dealing with death and disease. “Why do we fear death so much? For non-Christians, the answer is easy. No matter how they suppress the truth in unrighteousness, whether by atheism, agnosticism, or false religion, they can’t escape their God-given awareness that they’ve broken His law and deserve hell. Christians also fear death and disease.”

Forgotten Jobs: Dog Whipper And Sluggard Waker

I don’t think I’d want to be the church’s dog whipper, but I’m pretty sure I could handle being the sluggard waker!

Stay at Home

“The COVID-19 crisis will eventually subside and a new normalcy will settle into our lives. We will return to the beaches and to the footy. We’ll once again hang out at the cafe and pub, and splurge on shopping and holidays. These can be good things to enjoy, but will we learn the lessons that are now being forced upon us? How will we understand life’s meaning? Will we return to all the extras and scoff them down in a frenzied attempt to make up for lost time; or will we discern that contentment and happiness can be had without them?”

Is It OK for Christians to Take Antidepressants? (Video)

Jeremy Pierre answers a common question and does so well.

7 Suggestions for Finding Joy in Isolation

Kimberly Wagner has 7 solid suggestions for finding joy in isolation. “Many of you are experiencing isolating lifestyles similar to what we’ve lived now for a few years, but the strangeness of this isolation is compounded by the tidal wave of Pandemic news and reports. Knowing that this new way of life can be a bit challenging, I decided to share with you a few things that I’ve been passing onto friends and loved ones…”

Can We Explain the Trinity?

John Piper explains his favorite image for the greatest mystery. Not surprisingly, he leans heavily on Jonathan Edwards.

Amazon Shipping Delays

It has been interesting to see Amazon straining under the circumstances of the coronavirus outbreak. And the issue is not just with getting items into and out of their warehouses, but also with workers getting sick.

Flashback: We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Pastors

Our phones know about our wanderings and wonderings, the questions we have asked and the places we have visited to find answers. They know where and how we are wrestling and where and how we are trying to find comfort. They know about our backsliding or even our heresy long before the pastor does.

When God’s word is hidden in your heart through your practice of personal meditation and prayer, you have something to bring each troubled soul. —Harold Senkbeil