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A La Carte (March 4)


Happy Friday! May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Books To Read As You Prepare for Easter)

When Evil Is Called Good

Carl Trueman analyzes three recent news stories. “Taken together, these three news stories point to the comprehensive destabilizing of society at which the revolution aims. The family must be dismantled; biology must fall to gender ideology; dissenters must be discredited and vilified.”

Fearing Fear Itself

“This past month, as the world has watched and prayed while the Russian army has invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, images of young mothers and children having to flee to safety, or hunker down in bomb shelters have flooded our media, imaginations, and our hearts. The courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people have been inspiring. But fear is a powerful and all-consuming weapon. Not just overseas and in far away lands, but even in our own first-world lives of comfort and affluence we can be easily overwhelmed by fear and worry.”

Preaching Series: Six Strengths

Peter Mead: “Some churches always preach sermons in a series. Some churches never do. Here are six strengths of well-planned series…”

Pain From the Church Heals in the Church

“This is the beauty of the body of Christ: we do not have to pretend we are put-together people. Believers endure the trials of this life together, which means we also have a front-row seat to spiritual growth gifted through them.”

Progressive Christians Love THIS Fallacy

I expect you’ve heard someone rely on this fallacy before.

Died: Gary North, Who Saw Austrian Economics in the Bible and Disaster on the Horizon

Christianity Today has an interesting obituary for Gary North who recently died. “Gary North, a leading Christian Reconstructionist who argued for the biblical basis of free market economics and urged people to prepare for societal collapse, has died at 80.”

Flashback: Four Good Reasons to Read Good Books

Reading is a pleasure worth learning to love and pursue, even if it requires some effort at first. However, whether it is pleasure or pain, commit yourself to read to know, read to grow, read to lead and read to love.

Christian friendships are among the sweetest gifts God gives his people.

—Sam Emadi

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