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A La Carte (March 9)


Last week I wrote about my trip to Greece and Italy later this week. Sadly, I’ve had to cancel it, less out of any great fear of contracting the virus, and more because many of the things I wanted to do and see have been shut down by it. It’s a strange time, just now…

There’s a great selection of Kindle deals to look over today. Enjoy!

(Yesterday on the blog: Christ Our Hope in Life and Death)

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Andrew Roycroft: “A good friend of mine spent part of his career as an elite infantryman. As with many people with nothing to prove, his disposition in relation to attaining a place among the ranks of his regiment is self-effacing and devoid of arrogance. What his military background has instilled in him for life, however, is a wealth of attitudes and axioms which cross over into everyday life. My favourite of his aphorisms is ‘train hard, fight easy’, a four word mantra which manages to capture so much of how a healthy approach to present hardship ought to work.”

On the Theological Backchannel

Samuel James makes an important point here about the difference between our online and offline discussions and opinions.

How Airlines Make Meals For Thousands Of People (Video)

“For many people economy class used to mean soggy pasta, rubbery eggs and dried-out chicken. For a time U.S airlines even stopped serving free meals altogether in economy class. But in 2019 U.S. airlines posted their tenth straight year of profitability and premium and economy cabins are seeing more food options than ever before.” This is good, I guess.

The Origins of the Self-Esteem Movement

“I was born right in the middle of the self-esteem movement—right there on the cusp of Generation X and the millennial movement. So I was born right into this moment where, in elementary and high school classrooms, we were hearing this mantra over and over: You can be anybody you want to be. You can do anything you want to do. Reach for the stars. There’s no limit for you to be who you want to be.” That was my generation too!

The Root of Our Leadership Problems?

This may not be the root, but it could well be a root.

3 Dimensions of Forgiveness: Towards a Definition

Brad Hambrick continues his series on forgiveness. “At its most basic level, forgiveness is canceling a debt. But, to stay within the financial metaphor, canceling a debt doesn’t necessarily mean living as if the debt never happened (unwriting history), giving another loan (trust), or starting a business together (reconciliation). You can cancel a debt while being aware of someone’s financial habits, declining to lend more money, and refusing a joint business venture.”

Theology Refresh: The Millennial Maze (Video)

If you’ve got time and interest, this discussion of the millennium will get you caught up on the different perspectives.

Flashback: 6 Reasons Why Sexual Predators Target Churches

It is terrible but true—sexual predators target churches. In the mind of a predator, a church offers a compelling target and, too often, an easy target.

Contrary to our fears, human stupidity is not running loose but is on the leash of God’s sovereignty.

—Dale Ralph Davis

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