A La Carte (March 9)

Grace to you and peace today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Uninvited Lodger)

An Elephant in the Room-Sized Post on Gluttony

Jared Wilson: “If you’ve ever given much thought to combating this sin, you’ve probably run into the same problem I have: there doesn’t seem to be much help out there. Certainly the sentiments of the world aren’t going to do us any favors. We live in the land of all-you-can-eat buffets, Big Gulps, and super-sizing. When portions at restaurants aren’t big enough to feed three people we feel cheated.”

What Does It Mean That The Trinity Is Three In Person But One In Essence? (Video)

Sinclair Ferguson swims into deep waters in this answer.

The Misplaced Marian Emphasis of Roman Catholicism

Keith Mathison writes about Catholicism’s emphasis on Mary. “One of the most noticeable features of Roman Catholicism is its doctrinal and practical emphasis on Mary, the mother of Jesus. Every significant Roman Catholic dogmatic theology text includes a lengthy section, if not an entire volume, devoted to Mariology. Dozens upon dozens of lengthy books on Mary are published every year, and this doesn’t include all of the candles, statues, pendants, portraits, nightlights, lampshades, rosary stands, throw blankets, jigsaw puzzles, and more with Mary’s image.”

The Dangers of Doomscrolling

I have often found myself falling into this rut.

How to Spot a Cult

How can you spot a cult? One clue is almost invariably found in their teaching about Jesus.

Our Most Destructive Assumption About Heaven

“Of all the misconceptions we have about heaven, which is the most destructive? That’s a difficult and important question to tackle.” Yet Randy Alcorn does so here.

Why Vines And Fig Trees Are Still Relevant

“Micah’s words are so helpful and so beautiful. Heaven can be too big for many of us to wrap our minds around, so when someone, or something, gives us the impression that peace is available to us now, it can be easy to be swayed. But I find Micah’s picture of sitting under our vine and fig tree visually accessible and emotionally immediate.”

Flashback: The Celebrity Pastor We’ve Never Known

The highest privilege and greatest honor in pastoring is not standing in the church pulpit but praying by the hospital bed. It’s not being accorded the highest place but carrying out the least-seen service. It’s not broadcasting the truth to thousands, but whispering it to one.

For those who trust Christ, the providence of God turns every sorrow to joy, every loss to gain, every groan to glory. —John Piper