A La Carte (March 10)

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Why Reformed Evangelicalism Has Splintered

This is some good and helpful analysis from Kevin DeYoung. “It’s no secret that America is suffering from ever-deepening division and polarization. Many of us are concerned about the increasing animosity, belligerence, and violence in our body politic. What concerns me even more are the divisions in the church, in particular, the growing factionalism in the conservative evangelical Reformed world I inhabit. Whether the problem is on the right or on the left (or both), there is little doubt that our Young, Restless, and Reformed tribe is less young (and maybe less Reformed?), but certainly as restless as ever.”

Why Saudi Arabia Is Building a Linear City (Video)

“In January of this year, Saudi Arabia announced an immense new development project, that is supposed to set a blueprint for the future of the country and the world. The country will build a city, that stretches along a single 100 mile long line.” Here’s why…

The Luck O’ The Hobbit

Keith Mathison begins with the luck of the hobbit and ends with the providence of God.

What Does It Mean To Count It All Joy? (Video)

Scott Swain of RTS shares what it does and does not mean to “count it all joy.”

Let Go of Lies About Heaven: Eight Myths Many Believe

Randy Alcorn explains some of the most unhelpful myths about heaven. “In an age when people try to make doctrines more appealing by ignoring or twisting biblical truth, here’s the irony—the true biblical doctrine of Heaven is far more attractive than the dull, inhuman view of the afterlife that has long prevailed in evangelicalism. That off-putting perspective still imprisons many believers. Based on countless interactions I’ve had with readers of the book and others over the past sixteen years, here are eight persistent misconceptions about Heaven.”

She Did What She Could

“‘She did what she could,’ Jesus said. She had taken her life savings in the form of perfume and anointed His head, weeping in gratitude for His love. For His gaze, noticing her in her ordinary life.”

Two-kingdoms: the Riches of Reformational Political Thought

There are deep riches in the history of Reformed thought if only we’re willing to look back. Brad Littlejohn demonstrates that well in this article on the two kingdoms.

Flashback: I Have All the Time I Need

We can feel reassured by busyness and strangely comforted by it, even as it saps us of all strength and keeps us from feeling as if we are succeeding at even one of our responsibilities.

One may be a hero in God’s sight and yet never hear a hurrah from any human lips. —J.R. Miller