A La Carte (May 10)

Today’s Kindle deals include three from Christian Focus and a couple from other publishers.

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Raise a Juice Box to the Temperance Movement

Christianity Today: “In 1869, a 43-year-old Methodist dentist on his third career helped Methodists change American Protestantism forever. You’ve experienced the results of his change every time you take a drink of Welch’s grape juice. But you wouldn’t be drinking that juice today if it wasn’t for Thomas Bramwell Welch’s desire to make non-alcoholic Communion wine.”

Sleep Disorders and the Glory of God

I appreciated reading this: “With sleeplessness comes unique suffering. The side-effects tend to be many, complex, and severe. It can be hard to understand. Perhaps at times, we could benefit to brush up on both the struggles and glories of sleep disorders.”

Mom, Do You Feel Appreciated?

Paul Tripp: “I just don’t think we give you enough credit. That’s why I love a national day where we recognize the role of Mom. But Mom … you have to read this: being appreciated cannot be your goal.”

Australia Accidentally Incinerated Priceless a Plant Specimen

This is kind of funny, actually. Those Aussies take this stuff very seriously!

“The Best and Worst Moment in my Life”

“Just over a week ago, Matthew Bryce decided to go surfing off the Scottish coast. Within a few hours the tide and wind had blown him thirteen miles out to sea. He watched the sun set, knowing he would not survive the night.”

Why Does God Command Us to Rejoice Always?

It isn’t one of his easier commands, is it?

Everything Is Awful (But Only on Twitter)

“If you spend most of your day scanning social media sites and blogs, you will probably come away with a very specific idea of what American culture is like.” Right. But it’s not necessarily reflective of what the world’s actually like.

Flashback: Success that Exceeds Sanctification

In any area of life or vocation in which I am prone to envy, an area that will be all tangled up in my pride, great success might just crush me. And so I ask God, please don’t give me success that exceeds my sanctification.

Self-help doesn’t help. My self is the problem. —Jared Wilson