A La Carte (May 10)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good list that includes various topics across various publishers.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Just Forget About Marriage for a Minute!)

Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web

“Here are some things that you will hear when you sit down to dinner with the vanguard of the Intellectual Dark Web: There are fundamental biological differences between men and women. Free speech is under siege. Identity politics is a toxic ideology that is tearing American society apart. And we’re in a dangerous place if these ideas are considered ‘dark.'” This is an interesting article from the New York Times.

Hudson Taylor’s Founding of the China Inland Mission

“Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a faith-stretching undertaking to which you sense God is calling you? Here’s how Hudson Taylor worked through such a situation.” He’s worth learning from.

Three Types of Pastors Who Hinder the Church

Here are three types of pastors who, despite their position, actually hinder the church.

The Oldest, Most Ignored Social Media Command

“Most know the major commandments of social media, even if they often go unspoken. For example, ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ is one of the oldest. Yet, despite it being so well known, people frequently find themselves drawn down into the mud by those who have nothing but the worst intentions. But as bad as antagonizing trolls can be, an even more important and ancient social media command is ignored on a regular basis.”

Gentle Spirits, Shrewd Hearts

Rachel Dinkledine writes about some of the harassment she faced working as a registered nurse. Her conclusion at the end of it all is one worth pondering.

How a German City Changed How we Read

Here’s a brief history of how one German city changed the way we read and, in that way, changed the world.

Mom, I’m Such a Sinner!

“God’s grace brings moments into our children’s lives, as He does in ours, when they feel just how bad sin is. It’s never pretty. A wise parent works with the Holy Spirit’s conviction without minimizing the sting of its pain. As we guide our children’s spiritual development, we agree with truth while bringing balance to emotion.”

Flashback: 10 Strengths (and 10 Dangers) of Systematic Theology

To be skillful, accurate theologians, we need systematic theology, but we must also be aware that its strengths are closely related to its weaknesses.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. —Corrie Ten Boom