A La Carte (May 10)

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Parable of the Acorn)

What Makes a “Strong Woman” Strong?

Rebekah Matt: “‘Strong woman’ is a phrase heard often these days, and because I admire both words and women, I’ve been paying attention. It’s used in politics, on campuses, in the media, and even by little girls who know at a very early age to describe themselves as ‘strong.’ It’s made me think about what strong actually means—what is the implication when people say ‘strong woman’?”

Success is Dangerous

Jared Wilson says that “when we are made little, we can find ourselves in the heart of John the Baptist’s prayer, that Jesus would increase and we would decrease. It’s not the ideal place to be in terms of our dreams and ambitions, but relying totally on God’s sovereignty is right where God wants us. It’s not a call to passivity or to excuse-making. But even the most diligent of workers can say that God has called him to be faithful, not successful.”

We don’t need to rescue biblical characters from themselves

This is a helpful reminder and encouragement. “The Bible is not a book full of heroes. It is notable just how many of its so-called heroes are, actually, a bit rubbish. And few books encapsulate the abject uselessness of God’s people – and even more so God’s leaders – than the book of Judges. A book dedicated to the bluntest of blunt tools that the Lord chose to use for his own glory. A glory that is all the greater because of the tools he chose to use.”

The Freebie Round-Up

It has been a while since I’ve linked to one of Nitoy Gonzales’ “Freebie Round-ups.” He does a great job of scouring the [Christian] internet for helpful free resources.

When Culverts Buckle

“As the spring thaw begins on the Canadian prairies, the still frozen ground merely acts as a platform over which the water flows, unable to absorb much of the moisture yet.” Amber Thiessen goes on to draw a lesson from this.

You’re Never Praying Alone

It’s very comforting to know that we never truly pray alone—even when we think we’re praying alone.

Flashback: We Have the Light So We Can Be the Light

We are the light to the sons of darkness who cannot see the way to salvation, but also to our fellow sons of light who know the way but whose hearts have grown heavy, whose feet have become weary, who have been waylaid on their journey.

God sometimes washes the eyes of his children with tears that they may read aright his providence and his commandments. —Theodore Cuyler